* Boost vital aquarium water movement using less electricity
* Aquarium circulation pump recreates natural water currents
* Locking suction cup for easy aquarium installation and removal

AqueonReproduce river and reef currents to create a natural, realistic aquarium environment. The Aqueon Circulation Pump generates water movement inspired by nature to benefit both freshwater and reef aquarium systems. Active water movement helps fish, corals, and invertebrates acclimate faster and encourage fish to be more active to increase your viewing enjoyment.

The Aqueon Circulation Pump utilizes an energy-efficient motor and impeller to save on electric costs. Easy-lock suction cup mount locks and releases at the push of a button to make installation, removal, or adjustments a snap. Cord-holding clips are located on both sides of the pump for flexible positioning of the pump. UL-listed 6-ft cord.

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