Effectively treats Ich, a highly contagious & very destructive parasite, which may cause large wounds that easily become infected. Kills the Ich parasite, usually within 24 hours and helps replace the natural protective skin slime destroyed by the disease.

Directions for Use:
For best results, remove activated carbon and continue aeration. Add one teaspoonful (5 ml) for every 5 U.S. gallons (19L) of aquarium water. Repeat dose after 48 hours. Wait another 48 hours, then change 25% of the water and add new activated carbon. Treatment may be repeated if necessary. Raising the water temperature to 82 F (28 C) speeds up the life cycle of the parasite and may hasten the treatment process.

Caution: Some scaleless fish are sensitive to this medication; therefore, treat at 1/2 the normal dose. Some saltwater invertebrates, such as corals, may be sensitive to this product, so it is not recommended for reef aquariums.

Note: This medication will discolor water; use activated carbon or Bio-Chem Zorb 48 hours after final treatment to remove the color. May stain silicone and ornaments. Each 5 mL contains 1.3 mg Benzaldehyde Green and 1% PVP. Not for human consumption or for the treatment of fish intended for human consumption.

Made in the USA.