I recently purchased a SunSun HW-302 for my 44G and have it set up now.

The good:

This model is rated for up to 100 gallons by the manufacturer. There are 3 baskets for filtration media in an inline formation. All 3 baskets have a decent capacity for media. There is no "overflow" between the baskets and the filter housing wall. There is minimal play once the baskets are in the housing and actually one required a little wiggling to get it out. The baskets feature retracting handles to remove them. All 3 baskets snap together for water-tight security. The filter housing itself is very sturdy and basically un-bendable. The lid latches are idiot-proof and sturdy, although it is kind of a weird system to use. Two latches provide the seal, and the other two prevent the lid from coming off. You push down on the lid and the two latches will lock themselves. Then just lock the other two. Pump is powerful and flow is good. The intake and spray bar aren't made of the best quality, but are sturdy enough. There is a nice skimmer on the intake. There is one lever to shut off both the inlet and outlet hoses. The prime button is big enough to not hurt your fingers. It is easy to prime, 3 to 4 pushes gets it. It is virtually silent during operation.

The bad:

The plastic work isn't the best. Everything is fully functional and outstanding, but the molding process isn't the best. It doesn't affect performance, but isn't the highest quality. It is really more of an annoyance. There is really no instructions, but a little common sense can put it together. I have never owned a canister filter and put it together in 20 minutes. Since the pump is in the lid, when you unhook the filter from the tank it will be full of water. This is a bigger filter, and it will be heavy to lift out of tight spaces, i.e., a cabinet.

My experience:

Before I turned this filter on, I had some tank maintence to do. I spent about an hour rearranging the tank and pushing sand around which clouded the water. I turned the filter on and it removed anything floating around within an hour. It really is silent, can't even hear it. Skimmer works good, but never really catches anything in my tank. The spray bar provides good pressure. Overall, I'm extremely happy with the filters performance. I would recommend them to anyone!