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Last Review Posted by jeffs99dime - posted: Sun February 3, 2013 7:53pm [ Post a Review

Views: 11401

I like this food very much and use it atleast once a week. My Multi's devour this stuff. It is one of their favorites.

Rating: 8
Product Details: "Bio-Pure Frozen Daphnia" by pjoo1120 - posted: Mon April 30, 2012 - Rating: ******* 7.33
Last Review Posted by jeffs99dime - posted: Sat January 5, 2013 7:30pm [ Post a Review

Views: 4791

Air pump has been in use for over 8 years on two different tanks and I have not had one problem with it. I have the 400 and it is very powerful- easily handling anything I throw at it. The 400 has 2 direct adjustable outlets and also work very well.

Rating: 9
Product Details: "Rena Air 100" by drubeeber - posted: Wed April 30, 2008 - Rating: ********* 8.90
Last Review Posted by jeffs99dime - posted: Sat January 5, 2013 7:23pm [ Post a Review

Views: 9476

The heater works well in my 20 long. Keeps the temp right where I set it. I have the 100watt model. Stands out like a sore thumb in tank however. Should make it one solid color like black

Rating: 6
Product Details: "Visi-Therm Submersible Heaters" by Trillianne - posted: Tue March 22, 2011 - Rating: ******* 7.00
Last Review Posted by jeffs99dime - posted: Sat November 24, 2012 3:07pm [ Post a Review

Views: 13724

My Multifasciatus and White Calvus "Chatika" love this stuff and since it sinks it is perfect for them because they inhabit the lower portions of the tank. I have the 1mm pellets.

Rating: 9
Product Details: "Small Fish Formula" by doug z - posted: Wed December 3, 2008 - Rating: ********* 9.06
Last Review Posted by jeffs99dime - posted: Wed October 24, 2012 12:50am [ Post a Review

Views: 12876

This stuff is great. Just dump it in and you're set. It's a wonderful buffer for any marine/ African tank. It says it will buffer the tank at 8.2 and it does continuously. The color mix/ grain size is nice.

Rating: 8
Product Details: "Eco-Complete African Cichlid Sand" by ko4000 - posted: Fri May 8, 2009 - Rating: ******** 8.00
Last Review Posted by jeffs99dime - posted: Wed October 24, 2012 12:45am [ Post a Review

Views: 13631

I had the 400 on my 55 gallon SA tank and it performed wonderfully. Stood up to the heavy bioload I had. Cleared water right up upon start up.

Rating: 9
Product Details: "Emperor 280 & 400" by ILuvMyGoldBarb - posted: Mon December 8, 2008 - Rating: ******** 8.10
Last Review Posted by jeffs99dime - posted: Tue October 23, 2012 5:16pm [ Post a Review

Views: 11461

I have owned a 2217 and two 2215's and these are by far and away the best canister. My 2217 is over ten years old and still was going strong until I took it out of service for the time being ( the whole tank because of lack of space for 55 gallon tank.) I have a 2215 running on my 20gallon long and once again it is working extremely well with crystal clear water. Ihave no complaints about any of the eheim filters except for the price, but you get what you pay for. The quality far exceeds the cost in the long run with these, however. One small thing to note though is that the printed instructions for set up of the entire classic line is very confusing for someone that is new to our hobby/new to canistwer filters. This is easily remedied by doing a quick search on youtube for how to set up your Eheim filter. There are lots of good informational videos about this topic as well as maintenance of said filter. Example (setting up)

Rating: 9
Product Details: "Classic Line Canister Filters" by ILuvMyGoldBarb - posted: Mon June 16, 2008 - Rating: ********* 9.16
Last Review Posted by jeffs99dime - posted: Tue October 23, 2012 2:40pm [ Post a Review

Views: 10119

Biggest waste of money I have ever spent on aquarium-related equipment.

Rating: 1
Product Details: "Deep Blue Solarmax H.E. 30" t5 fixture" by jeffs99dime - posted: Tue October 23, 2012 - Rating: * 1.00
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