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Last Review Posted by Fraoch - posted: Fri June 19, 2009 5:30pm [ Post a Review

Views: 18453

My guppies will eat it but I'm not convinced the quality is that good. The flakes are weird. Sometimes there are very thick "chunks" that the guppies will not/cannot eat. The flakes are an odd grey colour. The bloodworms mixed in aren't that good either. They are mostly empty casings which are very hard to digest, contain little nutrients and can cause bloating. It's a huge container and feeding these to my 8 guppies daily for the past few months has barely made a dent in it. However, I won't be replacing the container once I'm out.

Rating: 6
Product Details: "Guppy Food" by Nic - posted: Sun May 31, 2009 - Rating: ******* 7.33
Last Review Posted by Fraoch - posted: Wed May 20, 2009 8:41pm [ Post a Review

Views: 5560

I'm going to have to vote this one down based on some recent bad experience and also after getting an AquaClear 20, which puts this one to shame. I was trying to keep the filter cartridges clean, but it was a losing battle, I couldn't clear the filters simply by rinsing them in aquarium water. It didn't take long before the reduced filter flow caused the water to pile up behind the restricted filter cartridge, spilling over the intake tube back into the tank. Debris started building up in my gravel, then I lost two fish due to mysterious bacterial infections, plus there was an outbreak of fin rot. Thankfully I had a Top Fin "BIO 3" filter cartridge - I used the reusable blue sponge portion inside the original filter cartridge, discarding the old activated carbon. I just assembled a new BIO 3 filter cartridge using the old blue sponge and the new floss packet. The tank didn't cycle - obviously the blue sponge contained enough bacteria. But now the "new" filter cartridge is clogged again, it only took a few weeks, and rinsing is not helping. Save your money and get an AquaClear. Use this one only as a backup. And make sure you use BIO 3 filter cartridges with this, putting an old filter cartridge behind a new one completely cripples this filter.

Rating: 6
Product Details: "Power Filter 10" by Fraoch - posted: Fri March 27, 2009 - Rating: ****** 6.25
Last Review Posted by Fraoch - posted: Wed May 20, 2009 8:28pm [ Post a Review

Views: 38742

I recently purchased an AquaClear 20 for my 10-gallon tank. I haven't even had this for a day but it's obvious, this is simply a superior HOB filter. It makes my original Top Fin 10 look pretty silly. There's a huge filter basket that can accommodate large amounts of filter material. Since it doesn't use cartridges, you can rearrange and customize to what you require. You can use 3rd party materials, even household materials like kitchen sponges and potscrubbers. The starter media includes a foam pad, an activated carbon bag and a Bio-Max bag - Bio-Max consists of porous ceramic cylinders designed to support beneficial bacteria necessary for biological filtration. I'm starting this out not using the activated carbon and got an extra Bio-Max bag, so I'm running (bottom to top) foam/Bio-Max/Bio-Max. The flow system is ingenious and simple. The impeller draws water up the intake tube and discharges it to the side. A channel on the underside of the filter directs the water flow to the underside of the filter basket where it's pushed up through the filter media and discharged. The flow control is even more ingenious - the intake tube is moved to the side, exposing a portion of the impeller. Above the impeller, there's an upper chamber that is connected to the side of the filter basket. With the impeller exposed, it draws the upper chamber water from the side of the filter, recirculating it. So the same volume of water is cleaned, but a portion of it is cleaned repeatedly as it recirculates. When the intake tube is moved to its full flow position, the impeller is sealed from the upper chamber. Water flows from the side of the filter basket to the upper chamber, but only to the filled level of the filter. Since the impeller is sealed from it in the full flow position, it forms a portion of the water flowing through the filter media and gets discharged. The unit has fairly high build quality although my lid sits a bit crooked. The entire filter housing is in a smoke translucent plastic which allows you to see the media, you don't have to pull it out to examine it. It's a little louder than my Top Fin 10, but not enough to really be a concern. We'll see how it fares once debris builds up in the filter, but I'm guessing it will fare better than vertical cartridge-based filters. On my Top Fin, when the filter gets clogged, water "piles up" behind the filter cartridge, spilling over back into the tank over the intake tube. This can severely restrict flow. Although I know the AquaClear will clog, I can't see how this "bypass" can happen - the water is being pushed from underneath. From what I can see, the load on the impeller will increase. At a certain point, its flow will drop due to the backpressure, but I'd bet it will fare fare better and maintain a higher flow as the filter clogs than a vertical cartridge-based design. All in all, a simple yet effective design that maximizes the amount of filter media you can use in a HOB filter. These are quite popular and it seems their price is rising to suit. I did happen to find an amazing deal - the highest price locally was $36.99, I paid $23.99. At that price I feel I should have bought 2 or upgraded to the AC 30, but this will likely last me a very long time.

Rating: 10
Product Details: "AquaClear HOB filters" by Incredulous_Ed - posted: Mon April 28, 2008 - Rating: ********* 9.31
Last Review Posted by Fraoch - posted: Mon May 4, 2009 6:08pm [ Post a Review

Views: 4317

Excellent for a small quarantine or hospital tank. Or a betta tank I guess, it'd be a lot more humane than those ridiculously small betta tanks. It seems to be well-constructed, the nice black silicone is applied with more care than my main 10 gallon Top Fin tank. Finding a hood seems to be a bit more of a problem. Looks like Hagen has FOUR choices here - A-3490 with fluorescent light, A-2830 with incandescent light, A-2845 plastic and A-2800 sliding glass. I'd like A-2845, no need for lighting for my use, but I can't find it around here.

Rating: 9
Product Details: "A-2950 All Glass Aquarium - 4mm Glass - 18.9L (5 gal)" by Fraoch - posted: Mon May 4, 2009 - Rating: ********* 9.00
Last Review Posted by Fraoch - posted: Mon May 4, 2009 5:55pm [ Post a Review

Views: 6020

I'm using one in my main tank, works fine, no problems at all... I got one from a bulk package ($0.39!) for my new hospital/quarantine tank and I got a dud - it blows all the air in huge bubbles through one opening right near the base. It must have cracked or something. For 39 cents I'm not concerned too much about the cost, it's the fact that it's not working and replacing it with another one will be a crapshoot.

Rating: 5
Product Details: "Airstones with Nozzles" by Wild Turkey - posted: Tue January 27, 2009 - Rating: ******* 6.85
Last Review Posted by Fraoch - posted: Thu April 16, 2009 6:08pm [ Post a Review

Views: 4304

Excellent, excellent food, probably worth the almost-exorbitant price! It's a tiny pellet about the size of fine couscous. Guppies have no problem swallowing them whole. They go after them like sharks, they absolutely love them. None ever make it to the bottom. Even though I'm not feeding them this exclusively, their colours are deepening and their tails are growing since I started feeding this - even the adults. It doesn't seem to bloat them up and it doesn't cloud the water. Comes in a crazy-small package (0.77 oz, 22 g) but it seems to be lasting quite a long time. Nice standup package with a ziplock closure too.

Rating: 9
Product Details: "Tropical Fancy Guppy pellets" by Fraoch - posted: Thu April 16, 2009 - Rating: ********* 9.00
Last Review Posted by Fraoch - posted: Fri March 27, 2009 8:02pm [ Post a Review

Views: 9803

I don't really have too much to complain about with this starter kit! The aquarium's silicone is a little messy in spots and the edges of the glass aren't perfectly smooth, but it doesn't leak and hasn't broken. Everything else is still working just fine. No complaints really. I suppose the generic biological starter pack was useless, I still had a long, hard cycle. And I'm leaving the TetraMin flakes unopened after reading some bad reviews. It's an inexpensive way to get into the hobby, I'd recommend it. Get higher quality, more expensive components when these fail, but to start out it's all you need.

Rating: 8
Product Details: "10 Gallon Tropical Starter Kit" by Fraoch - posted: Fri March 27, 2009 - Rating: ******* 7.00
Last Review Posted by Fraoch - posted: Fri March 27, 2009 7:44pm [ Post a Review

Views: 3675

Does what it says! There's no measuring required - the dosage is "2 drops per gallon" and the 2-oz bottle I have has a lid that pushes in and flips up, revealing a small hole. That's the slightly worrying aspect of this product. There's no indication how much these "2 drops" really are, so you can't measure it any other way than dripping it out of the bottle. These two drops are so tiny that you can't help but wonder - what if it doesn't remove all the chlorine/chloramine? What if I don't mix it completely? What if it takes time to react? What if the drop size gets different as the bottle empties? It seems to have worked so far but it's a bit scary!

Rating: 7
Product Details: "Water conditioner" by Fraoch - posted: Fri March 27, 2009 - Rating: ******* 7.00
Last Review Posted by Fraoch - posted: Fri March 27, 2009 7:36pm [ Post a Review

Views: 16421

With my aquarium starter kit I got a sample pack of the new formulation containing "BioExtract". "BioExtract formula contains seaweed extracts (natural biopolymers) which support the development of beneficial filter bacteria for healthy and clear water. The added ingredients help to reduce aquarium pollution by strengthening the bacterial bed." I don't think it shortened my cycling as the description implies, but it did eliminate chloramine which is what I really wanted it to do... I think I'll go back to this after I get through my current water conditioner.

Rating: 8
Product Details: "aquasafe" by angelcakes - posted: Mon April 28, 2008 - Rating: ********* 8.57
Last Review Posted by Fraoch - posted: Fri March 27, 2009 7:24pm [ Post a Review

Views: 5560

There really doesn't seem to be anything wrong with this. It's very simply constructed, there are very few parts. The impeller and rotor is integrated into the siphon tube and drops down into the impeller coil assembly. The basket is quite large - you can easily cram extra filter material in there. The cartridges are simple and easy to take apart (to remove carbon, for example). I haven't had it clog, it doesn't run hot, it's silent. Flow appears to be adequate, it bowls my little guppies over if they wander past the discharge! It got a little noisy twice when I got a bacteria bloom in the aquarium. I simply lifted the siphon tube and cleaned the gunk off the impeller rotor with a Q-tip. It's been totally silent since.

Rating: 8
Product Details: "Power Filter 10" by Fraoch - posted: Fri March 27, 2009 - Rating: ****** 6.25
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