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Last Review Posted by ILuvMyGoldBarb - posted: Sun March 27, 2011 12:51pm [ Post a Review

Views: 8177

I was hesitant to try a chemical product to clear the cloudiness in my tank, but after giving Clarity a shot, I am now a fan of it. It did exactly what it is advertised to do and my tank is noticeably clearer after just 1 use. If you use this in a marine tank, be sure to keep a close eye on your skimmer is it will work overtime. Also, if you have a filter sock in your sump, it will need to be cleaned after you use Clarity. The big plus for Marine hobbyists is that this product will not harm invertebrates at all. thumbs2:

Rating: 9
Product Details: "Clarity" by ILuvMyGoldBarb - posted: Sun March 27, 2011 - Rating: ********* 9.00
Last Review Posted by ILuvMyGoldBarb - posted: Sat January 22, 2011 7:50pm [ Post a Review

Views: 6275

Odyssea has made great strides in improving their products. When their first 250w Metal Halide fixtures hit the market, the bulbs were 250w, but the ballasts were only drawing 150-175w. This has been fixed and the ballasts included with these fixtures are true 250w ballasts that draw 250-270w. The lighting produced by these fixtures is very good. As with all Odyssea fixtures, it may be desirable to switch out the bulbs for a higher quality bulb. The combo of the T5 actinics and the double ended HQI bulbs make this fixture extremely bright. The multitude of power cords makes this fixture extremely flexible when it comes to timers. Each of the 3 kinds of lights as well as the cooling fans can be timed individually. The one issue that I found with this fixture is that the extension brackets only work with the tank is 50" or more. Otherwise the fixture will sit directly on the tank. If you order this fixture, be sure to add the mounting legs, or the suspension kit to your order.

Rating: 9
Product Details: "48" 608W Metal Halide System Extendable Series" by ILuvMyGoldBarb - posted: Sat January 22, 2011 - Rating: ***** 5.00
Last Review Posted by ILuvMyGoldBarb - posted: Tue December 28, 2010 2:52am [ Post a Review

Views: 6828

Absolutely love this product. I've used it in a couple of tanks, and I wouldn't do a sump return line without it. They do make a tool for snapping it together and taking it apart.

Rating: 10
Product Details: "Loc-Line fittings and lines" by Cliff - posted: Sun October 17, 2010 - Rating: ********** 9.50
Last Review Posted by ILuvMyGoldBarb - posted: Mon December 27, 2010 1:24am [ Post a Review

Views: 16909

It's not really fair list "lack of info in corals and anemones" as a con for this book. That is not the point of this book, it is about Marine Fish not corals. If you want info about inverts, but they Marine Invertebrate version. This book has lots of great info about many fish and some good recommendations for beginners for stocking. There are some species that need larger tanks than the book recommends but overall it isn't too bad. One of the best sections of the book is the very last section that gives info on certain fish that should be completely avoided by hobbyists period. The fish in that section are fish that do not even belong in the hobby. Great resource for any hobbyist.

Rating: 10
Product Details: "The 101 Best Saltwater Fishes" by xasuma - posted: Tue February 23, 2010 - Rating: ******** 7.50
Last Review Posted by ILuvMyGoldBarb - posted: Mon December 27, 2010 1:17am [ Post a Review

Views: 2995

The Odyssea fixtures often get a bad rap from many hobbyists, however most of them have never actually owned one. Those who have never owned one love to bad mouth them. While these fixtures are not the highest quality fixtures on the market, they certainly are not bad. They strongly resemble Coralife fixtures in their construction. If you switch the bulbs out for a higher quality bulb you will get even better light out of them. I ran 2 of these fixtures over my 46gal SPS reef right up until the tank sprung a leak. I would not hesitate to purchase another Odyssea fixture. They seem to have overcome some of their earlier issues and have become a good fixture. For the price you pay for them, they are certainly worth a shot.

Rating: 8
Product Details: "4x39w T5HO Fixture" by ILuvMyGoldBarb - posted: Mon December 27, 2010 - Rating: ******** 8.00
Last Review Posted by SW Addict - posted: Wed December 30, 2009 3:01am [ Post a Review

Views: 22330

Just received my XP3 today and I am quite pleased. Very easy to prime and extremely quiet. I love the versatility of this filter and the numerous options that are included with it. I was quite disappointed with the amount of biomedia that was included. There was a total of maybe 7 of the "stars" in the bag. I loaded all the other chambers with Ehfisubstrat instead. I wouldn't give it a full 10 simply because I have nothing but Eheims to compare it to, and I still find them to be better. But definitely a 9/10.

Rating: 9
Product Details: "Rena Filstar Canister Filter" by Halelorf - posted: Tue April 29, 2008 - Rating: ********* 9.06
Last Review Posted by ILuvMyGoldBarb - posted: Mon January 26, 2009 1:08pm [ Post a Review

Views: 10866

I have excellent tap water that allows me to simply use a dechlorinator before using the water in my reef. alpha, from the aquavitro line by Seachem is the best dechlorinator I have found yet for use with marine environments. Like many of the products in the aquavitro line, it is winning fans in the marine hobby more and more. 1mL of alpha removes0.8 mg/L of ammonia, 1.2mg/L of Chloramine, or 3.3mg/L of Chlorine.

Rating: 10
Product Details: "AquaVitro: Alpha" by ILuvMyGoldBarb - posted: Mon January 26, 2009 - Rating: ********** 10.00
Last Review Posted by ILuvMyGoldBarb - posted: Sat December 27, 2008 2:33pm [ Post a Review

Views: 8740

These are excellent filters. The priming button makes starting this filter extremely easy. Cleaning of the media also is quite easy due to the media baskets. I have had the 2026 model operating for about 2 years now and I am extremely happy with it. I have it 10/10 because even though it is expensive, IMO the quality of the equipment is worth every penny paid.

Rating: 10
Product Details: "Professional II Canisters" by gm72 - posted: Sat December 27, 2008 - Rating: ********* 9.33
Last Review Posted by ILuvMyGoldBarb - posted: Sat December 27, 2008 2:30pm [ Post a Review

Views: 20139

Definitely not my favorite filter on the market. It works for moving water but it will not last. I have one of these on my 10gal tank and it has been running for 4 years but only with some help. It needs to be replaced very soon. Save your money and spend the extra for an Aquaclear.

Rating: 4
Product Details: "Whisper Power Filters" by Incredulous_Ed - posted: Tue April 29, 2008 - Rating: ***** 5.46
Last Review Posted by ILuvMyGoldBarb - posted: Thu December 25, 2008 10:00pm [ Post a Review

Views: 2878

This product is wonderful and is a valuable tool for anyone with a reef tank. While you can use a turkey baster, this tool allows for much more accurate delivery and it keeps the hobbyist from having to reach into the tank and introducing oils and other possible contaminants on their arm. Makes feeding corals and anemones very easy. I highly recommend this product for any reef hobbyist. Just as a further note, this tool could also be very useful in the spot treatment of BBA in FW tanks.

Rating: 10
Product Details: "Sea Squirt" by ILuvMyGoldBarb - posted: Thu December 25, 2008 - Rating: ********** 10.00
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