Pond Fountains

Pond Fountains

Pond fountains - What to think about?

When you hear the sweet gurgling sound of water gushing white and pure from the a pond fountain, you are filled with envy and longing. The pond fountain is indeed one of the most soothing visual delights known to man. Most people love the sound and sight of water gushing through a fountain. Add to this the serene luster of a beautiful pond, and you have a truly amazing feeling of contentment and joy.

For most homes, a cheap but functional medium to small-sized pond fountain is the best option. The first piece of equipment you will need when you build your pond fountain is a small garden pump. A pump that displaces approximately 120-145 gallons of water per hour is sufficient for a small pond fountain. A small and cheap pre-formed pond liner will also be needed. You will also need to buy an outdoor water fountain statuary and some sand. When you need to make plastic pond liner to sit level in the hole, you will need to use sand. Using a pond liner that is smaller in size than that suggested as the optimum capacity of your water pump is a good strategy. This will leave you with enough pumping power to get a good strong jet of water for the pond fountain.

Optional decorative materials that can be used to make your pond fountain attractive would include potted plants and bigger decorative rocks. The plants can be placed strategically to cover ugly equipment and to also enhance the rich and verdant look of your pond fountain.

Before you set up the pond fountain, you have to choose the ideal location that would make your pond fountain look stunning as well as soothing. A patio is often a good choice. Make sure that the pond fountain is the focal point of the area you choose. Any plants that you place near your pond fountain should be smaller than half the height of your pond fountain. The first task is to make the area that you have selected for your water fountain as level as possible. Remove any weeds, rocks and unwanted vegetation from the area. Then, flip the pre-formed plastic liner on its face and trace the shape in the mud. This is the area that you will need to dig out. Once the digging is done, you will place the plastic liner into the pit. If there is any gap between the liner and the ground, fill it in with sand.

Using decorative statues in your pond fountain will really enhance its looks. Depending upon the kind of waterfall you want to mimic, there is a wide array of beautiful statues available in the market today. Choosing the color and theme that goes best with your existing pond and garden will make your pond fountain a glorious sight.

However, decorative statues can be quite expensive. Many of the good statues will cost a fortune. A little bit of ingenuity and creativity can go a long way in reducing this cost. It would be cheaper to buy a statue that did not have any plumbing designed into it. These kinds of decorative statues cost less. Plumbing can easily be put in by drilling a few strategic holes. Plastic tubing can be fed through these holes.

Once the decorations are in place the pond fountain is all set to start working. The pond liner can be filled with water, and the pump can be placed in. The pump should be fully submerged in water or else your pond fountain might burn itself out. Place the outlets in just the right position and you can start the pump. The first jet of water rising gloriously out of your pond fountain will fill you with sheer delight. You may want to readjust the pond fountain statuary so that too much water does not splash outside the pond fountain.

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