Choosing a pet bird
pet bird

Choosing a pet bird


When choosing a pet bird it is extremely important to pick a species that is right for you and your life style. A species that is perfect for one person might be highly unsuitable for another. Also keep in mind that birds change and develop their personality as they mature, just like us humans. That wonderful macaw kept by one of your friends might very well have been a pesky, loud-mouthed, aggressive teenager 20 years ago. Are you prepared to care for a bird through childhood and adolescence? If not, adopting an older bird might be a better choice for your. Since many bird species live long lives, it is quite common for pet birds to change hands one or several times throughout the length of their lives. People are forced to give up their pets for various reasons and there are many adult pet birds out there in need of a new home. If you’re willing choose an adult pet bird as your companion, contact an avian rescue centre.  

Each bird is a unique individual with its own personality and temperament, but knowing which species you purchase will at least give you some clues at what to expect from your bird. Certain species are probably more suitable for you than others. Also keep in mind that hand-fed or at least captive bred specimens tend to be more tame than animals captured from the wild. (Many bird species should never be purchased wild-caught since they are endangered in the wild.)

If you want to own a pet bird, sit down and think long and hard on why you wish to own a pet bird. What do you want the bird to bring to your home? Which qualities are most important for you in a bird? Do you think the qualities you find most appealing now will be as charming in the long rung? Choosing a pet bird is not something that you should do on a whim, because there are many things that can go wrong. But, there are of course also many things that can go right as well and if you choose your pet bird wisely your chances are high of ending up with a devoted companion that will bring you endless amounts of joy for years and years to come.

Some people get pet birds for their sheer beauty without realizing that these creatures aren’t works of art; they are living things that require a lot from their owners. Others get “talking” parrots only to realize that they absolutely detest being woken up at six every morning seven days a week by a chatty parrot who loves to mimic the sound of the door bell over and over and over again. There are also those who fail to do their research and therefore purchase an adorable little baby parrot without being prepared to pay the cost of giving it a large enough cage as it grows bigger. These are just a few examples of what can go wrong when choosing a pet bird.  

The expected life span of a bird is another important factor to consider when choosing a pet bird. Some bird species only live for a few years even under the best of circumstances, but many can live for 25-30 years and quite a lot of species grow even older. The average life span of the African Grey Parrot is for instance 50-65 years with occasional specimens reaching an age of 80+ years. This must naturally be taken into account when choosing a pet bird. If you get a pet bird for your school age children, are you willing to care for the bird 10 years later when they leave for college? Also keep in mind that our lives tend to change rapidly during certain stages of our lives. Getting an Amazon Parrot might sound like a great idea when you’re single and have a lot of time to devote to your pet, but will you be able to provide it with the same level of care, entertainment and social interaction five or ten years from now when you have toddlers?

As you can see, there are many things to consider when choosing a pet bird and you are advised to research many different species before you make up your mind.


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