No more Rena aquariums from Mars Fishcare

Mars Fishcare, owner of Rena, Aquarian and API, is pulling out of aquarium production and sales due to increased competition in the aquarium market.

Mars Fishcare Europe is taking steps to refocus its European business in aquarium equipment and water treatment, and to strengthen its position in the European fish food market, ” the company says in a statement. “In recent years, the sharp rise in competition in the tank market has made it difficult for Mars Fishcare to optimise its resources in this area.”

Mars Fishcare has pledged to provide after sales service for all Rena Aqualife aquariums already sold in Europe and to honour the five year guarantee that comes with all recent Rena Aqualife models. Up until now, Rena has been an important player in the European aquarium market, especially in the UK, with its Aqualife range of modern high-quality aquariums intended for customers interested not only in functionality but also in sleek eye-pleasing design.