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International Accord Fails: BlueFin Tuna In Dire Straights Due to Overfishing

The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna did not accept the idea of reducing fishing of the Atlantic bluefin, whose populations have been declining for the past few decades from fishing pressure and, who could forget, the BP oil spill fiasco in the Gulf of Mexico.

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“Killer” Shrimp Invading Wales: Discovered in Two Locations

A “killer” shrimp which makes meals out of young fish, insect larva, and the shrimp native to the area has been discovered at two different locations in Wales, comments the Environment Agency.

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Gigantic Crocodile? The Thing Nightmares are Made Of!

There are some that are afraid of sharks, big whites, tiger sharks or even dog sharks.. However, even more sinister, is the croc!

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Atlantic Tuna Commission Takes Unprecedented Action to Protect Sharks: “Particularly Pleased”
Hammerhead shark

Shark Advocates International is giving a warm welcome to progress towards helping conserve sharks. This progress was made at the annual meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) this week.

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80 Year Old Shark Gets Groove On

After a stint of nineteen years in the park, the only sawfish at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, which is thought to be somewhere in the vicinity of eighty years of age, has been sent off to a breeding program in New Orleans, officials have commented.

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Team of Divers Cleans Up 7 tons of Harmful Waste

A diving team from Kuwait has commented that this past Saturday that it had just completed their latest step in cleaning up 7 tons of harmful materials from the coral reef shelf of Qaruh island.

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China to Update Security Measures for Underwater Cultural Heritage

The two branches of the central government for China, who are responsible for the well being of underwater cultural heritage, have just signed an agreement this past Monday to cooperate more fully with one another.

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Russia Considering Ban on Exotic Pets: Crocodiles, and Penguins in the Cross Hairs
Humboldt Penguin

Exotic animals such as crocodiles, tigers and penguins may soon be disappearing from homes in Russia as parliament is considering a bill which would help cut down the number of animals which could be kept as pets.

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“Bad Start” as EU Says Nay to Proposed Quotas in Summit To Save Bluefin Tuna

The Mediterranean fishing nations of Europe have rejected the proposed measures to help keep the endangered bluefin tuna safe. These measures were proposed just last month by Maria Damanaki, the EU fishing chief.

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News: Study Shows That Loads Of Microbes are “Getting Busy” Deep in Ocean Crust

The very first research study to take a gander into what kind of biological activity there is in the deepest part of the ocean crust has turned up bacteria with an astonishing range of abilities, which include eating oil, natural gas, and “fixing” or storing carbon.

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Wrong Turn 450,000 Years Ago Landed Sharks In the Mediterranean
White shark

A simple wrong turn, no doubt by one or two pregnant females, somewhere in the vicinity of 450,000 years ago during climate changes, could have caused sharks to show up in a place they were no supposed to be. This is according to research which was Published this past Wednesday, in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

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Dog Needs Rescuing After Chasing Sea Lion?

Some dogs chase cars, some chase bikes, others chase… sea lions? Yes, it appears that some dogs don’t limit the things they chase to just things on land apparently.

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Widely Accepted Indicator of Fisheries Health Questioned; “Humans Don’t Appear To Be Fishing Down the Food Web”

The most widely accepted method of being able to determine the health of the world’s oceans and fisheries led to inaccurate conclusions in almost fifty percent of the ecosystems where it was utlilized.

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Tens of Thousands Of Jellyfish Wash up on a Beach in San Francisco
Credit:  André Karwath

Tens of thousands of jellyfish have been discovered washed up on the shores of Ocean Beach, San Francisco.

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UK Seas Getting Too Noisy, Whales Forced to Shout Mating Calls Louder
pilot whales

Researchers who have been studying the whales making their homes in the seas surrounding Britain have discovered that their calls have become ten times louder over the past five decades as they have battled to be heard about the noises accumulating in the seas.

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