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Oil Spill in Gulf Effecting Seahorses, Not Over Yet:
Dwarf sea horse

There are tens of thousands of dwarf seahorses trying to survive in the oil infested Gulf of Mexico, and a researcher from the University of British Columbia is saying that their difficulties serves as a warning to not let BP to expand its operations to the West Coast.

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Male Fish Won’t “Ask For Directions”

Recent research has come to the astonishing conclusion that fish, specifically the males, positively refuse to ask for directions when they are breeding.

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Shocking Suprise – Human foot found in shark (Graphic Pictures)
The caught shark

Just as a deep sea fisherman was about to cut away a hook from a wide open mouth of a shark to let it go back on its merry way to the sea, the most surprising thing sprung forth.. A human foot.

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Boat Owner Gets Slapped on the Wrist for Stalking Whales
Right Whales

A fine of $4,000 was given to a man from Southern Australia, because he invaded the personal space of two whales off the south coast.

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Dolphins led to Japanese Cove, None Slaughtered

Japanese fishermen led a swarm of dolphins into “the Cove”, a cove which made quite a stir when released in an Oscar-winning documentary, however these Japanese fishermen did not finish the job, and no dolphins were slaughtered.

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New Species of Filament Barb Named After Ichthyologist
Puntius Rohani

A brand new kind of filament barb has been discovered and described which is from India’s southern tip. This new discovery was released in the newest edition of the Journal of Threatened Taxa. This is really quite an astonishing discovery, and it leads one to wonder what other marvels may be hiding themselves away in the depths of the sea, far from the prying hands of us humans.

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Divers Haul Up Oldest Drinkable Beer From Baltic:

Well now, first it was champagne, now it’s beer.. The Baltic Sea seems to be a fully stocked bar in it’s own right. What’s next? A martini shaken not stirred?

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Angler Breaks World Record for Fishing: 1,000 Different Species Caught!
Steve Wozniak

Well it certainly seems to be a time for breaking records. An angler has just become the first person in the world to break the ultimate fishing record, by reeling in an astounding 1,000 different species of fish.

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World Record Tilapia Reeled in St. Lucie River

What is believed to be a rec ord breaking tilapia has been caught in St. Lucie River

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Worlds largest lionfish

Spike, a magnificent specimen from the deeps of the ocean, is a whopping 18 inch long lionfish which is believed to be a world record breaker.

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Dorset Breeding Colony Overjoyed by First Seahorse Baby
Sea horse

Many people are happy, and patting themselves on the back after finding the first baby sea horse at one of the leading breeding colonies in Dorset.

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Sea Urchins Put To Test in Cleaning Up Algae
Sea urchin

The coral reefs off of Hawaii are being smothered by tons of algae, and efforts have been made to help solve this dilemma. The answer comes from an unlikely source.. Sea Urchins.

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New Kind Of Armored Catfish Eats Wood?

An amazonian catfish, which also happens to be armored, has been discovered and it doesn’t eat the usual thing… Nope, this one eats wood. This interesting catfish will eat wood from logs floating around, or if it gets particularly hungry, even the excrement of its neighboring catfish.

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