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Inhumane Killing of Giant Alligator Sparks Public Outcry

People from all over the US have been crying foul, over the way an American woman killed a humongous 465 kilogram alligator in South Carolina.

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Save Water, Or Risk Killing Goldie

This is certainly an interesting way to get people interested in conserving our planets’ water supply.

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Lionfish Now Invading Coastline of Alabama

Well, isn’t this just a kick in the pants… The invasive, not to mention sneaky, lionfish has been spotted off of Alabama and Pensacola this past week, which is confirming the belief that the lionfish have made a full scale invasion of the Gulf Of Mexico

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One Of The Oldest Skeletons in the Americas Found in Undersea Cave
Yucatan peninsula

A Mexican skeleton which was ritually laid to rest in a cave that was once devoid of water, lends clues as to first Americans.

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Move Along Nothing to See here: Sea Ice Is Gone: Walruses Making way to Shore

There was a story which was written in the Arizona Daily Star which says “Tens of thousands of walruses have come ashore in northwest Alaska because the sea ice they normally rest on has melted. Federal scientists say this massive move to shore by walruses is unusual in the United States”. The “federal scientists” which the story mentions are supposed to be from the USGS, the U.S. Geological Survey.

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Whole Foods to Stop Selling Over-Fished Species In Time For Earth Day 2013
Whole foods logo

Whole Foods has just launched a special color coded sustainability rating program for all their products. This new program is very revolutionary. What it does, is that all their products will now be color coded based on the danger posed to the sealife that come in that partocular product.

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Munster Dolphinarium Caves to Social Cmpaigns and Is Due to Release Dolphins
Bottlenose Dolphin

The WDSF, The Black Fish, and ProWal, which all have been lobbying together to get a dolphinarium in Munster Germany shut down, are clinking their glasses today after an announcement was made that four of the dolphins of said facility are going to be going home by the end of 2012.

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More Than 500 Lionfish Caught by Divers in Keys Derby

You can forget about such trivialities as the amberjack or snapper. Over one hundred divers have managed to bring in more than five hundred Indo-Pacific red lionfish during the first group effort to help decrease the numbers of this wily invader which has set its sights on the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

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Marine Reserve Plans Saved by Billionaire

Well, it’s nice to see there is still some decency in the world today. A Billionaire from Switzerland has used some of their vast resources to help save plans to create the largest marine reserve in the world, and alleviate the pressures placed upon it from public spending cuts.

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Article on “Shark Finning” Causes Angry Outbursts From Conservationists
Shark fins

Both local and international conservations groups and organizations are banding together to help protect sharks which call the Bahamian waters home, after an article published in Tribune exposed the potential for shark finning practices in Andros.

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Research Proves that Flying Fish are More Effective at Gliding Than Insects, And Just As Efficient as Birds

We all know about those birds which are just at home in the water as they are in the air, however, not too many species of fish can say the same thing. Flying fish can actually stay up in the air for more than half a minute, and can glide as far as 400 meters and reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour!

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Breaking News: New Snail Larval Form discovered: First since 1978!
Thermal Vent

Now, just when you thought you pretty much knew your basic zoology, an amazing new discovery has been made that is basically going to force some poor guy to rewrite the molluscan, larval ecology and invertebrate text books.

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Invaders Feasting on Shrimp Native to British Waters!

Hide the fry, make sure they are tucked away good and tight. The boogie man of shrimp has come to town. This time it has selected Britain.

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South West Turkey Dolphinarium Closed Due to NGO Action

A dolphinarium situated in southwestern Turkey really attracted a lot of attention due to worries about the living conditions the dolphins were subjected to, to such an extent that the venue has been closed and the dolphins released after efforts from civil society organizations.

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Scientists are Boring Into Ancient underwater Coral Reef

An expedition to the outermost edges of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has yielded the motherlode – pieces of an absolutely ancient ancestor to the vast, amazing ecosystem.

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