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Census Reveals that Japanese and Australian Waters, Hiding Secrets

Japan along with Australia have some of the world’s most diverse oceans, however thousands of the marvelous creatures in their deeps, remain unknown to man, and global warming is a major concern, suggests a newly performed census.

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Oil Spill Stopped, Yet More Birds than Ever are Greased up and Ready to Go

It has been over 3 weeks since BP has capped its spewing oil well. The skimming operations to help clean up the mess have all but ground to a halt, and researchers are saying that less than a third of the oil remains in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Vintage Booze Found in Shipwreck yet to be Named

“For this wine, time has stood still,” commented chief cellarman of Veuve-Clicquot, after swirling the two hundred year old wine around in his mouth. This spectacular find was found off of Sweden.

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Asian Carp Made its Home In Great Lake Waters
Bighead Carp

This past June a bighead carp was reeled in near Lake Michigan, and it seems highly likely that it spent just about its entire life in the Great Lakes.

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Latest Sign of Global Warming… Oyster Herpes?
Oyster bed

“New strain of Oyster Herpes could kill off 80 percent of an oyster bed inside a week, experts have claimed”

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Rather Strange Orange Lobster Saved From the Pot
Orange lobster

Normally, lobsters are a brownish-green color when they are alive, and they turn orange when they have been cooked. That being the case, a strange live reddish-orange lobster has been sighted in the UK.

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Fish Evolve Super Fast! Only 3 Years to Adapt to Colder Temperatures

Researchers with the University of British Columbia have witnessed one of the most rapid evolutionary cycles ever recorded amongst populations in the wild. It took just 3 short years, for the stickleback fish to develop a tolerance for frigid waters.

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Closure of Aleutian Fisheries
Steller's sea lions

The poor endangered Steller’s sea lions are surviving so poorly, and their populations decreasing alarmingly, at the point of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands that the Obama administration is stepping up, and calling for the immediate cease and desist order for the commercial fishing of two very prominent species of fish; the Atka mackerel and the Pacific cod.

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Right Whales On The Rise: Ship Strikes on Their Way Out
Right Whales

The measures meant to put a stop to the extinction of one of the world’s most endangered marine animals appear to be having an effect, as the population of the North Atlantic right whales rises slightly as the deaths linked to ship strikes decline just a tad.

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Cold is Killing Millions of Fish in Bolivia

If you think you don’t like the cold, think of the fish! Somewhere in the neighborhood of six million fish have perished in three different rivers of Bolivia due to intense cold. This cold snap has been passing through the country for the last couple of weeks.

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The Gulf Dead Zone, Might Just Be the Largest Dead Zone on Record!
dead zone

The “Dead Zone”, the low-oxygen area in the Gulf of Mexico, which has been recorded this year, might just be the largest on record and it overlaps areas which were affected by the oil spill courtesy of our Eco-friendly oil conglomerate BP.

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It’s the Oil We Can’t See in The Gulf That Poses Great Risk!

Government officials have gone on the record, and stated that the spill in the Gulf of Mexico is no longer a threat to the East Coast, however Marine Scientists are begging to differ. The scientists are saying it’s not the oil we can see, but the oil that we can’t see, that is the problem.

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Illegal massacre of almost 300,000 sharks
Shark fins

The Brazilian Environmental Justice Institute has officially accused Siglo do Brasil Comercio, a well known exporter of sea food, of engaging in the illegal massacre of almost 300,000 sharks.

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Five Penguins Win Endangered Species Act Protection:
Humboldt Penguin

Five penguins species are finally getting a new lease on life, after being awarded protection under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

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Blue Whales Can Carry a Tune: “Always Calling At The Exact Same Pitch”
blue whale

It has been discovered that Blue whales are actually able to effectively tune the pitch of their calls with an astounding amount of accuracy, and are able to repeat this process call after call.

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