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Daredevil Freediver Aiming for Record of 305 Meter Plunge
Herbert Nitsch

Herbert Nitsch, a daredevil freediver, is getting ready to break his own world record by taking 1000 foot dive toward the bottom of the ocean, taking in only a single breath of air while contracting his lungs to the size of a tennis ball.

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Two-Headed Turtle in Phuket Needs Name

Well, this is certainly interesting news. It appears that a two-headed turtle has gripped the attention of Phuket, and may turn into a full blow two-headed turtle mania if the media coverage is any indication.

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More Than 700 Tourists Attacked by Jellyfish in Spain!

It has been reported that in the warm, sunny, and usually tranquil beaches of Spain that at least 700 tourists have been stung by small, transparent jellyfish this past week, leading the local officials to rapidly post up warning signs.

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Fisherman Robbed of His Catch… By a Frog?
Picture by Mr Krugersky

In a strange turn of events, a fisherman was left speechless after an enterprising frog hopped into his net, and proceeded to swallow his hard earned fish whole.

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Rare “Princess” Turtle Makes Way Home After 32 Years
Leatherback Turtle

Well, they say turtles are slow, but this particular beauty made a surprise comeback to a Malaysian beach after an astonishing 32 years. A report issued Friday hailed this return as a “miracle” by conservationists and rekindling hope that the endangered species is not quite gone yet.

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Rare Corals Being Cultivated in Offshore Nurseries to Help Depleted Reefs
Elkhorn Coral

An accidental find just off of Key Largo has lead to farms being created for delicate, yet ever so important, species of coral.

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Oiled Marshes Showing Signs of Recovery

Photographers are shooting photos of marsh grass and brushes of mangrove tree which are already showing a marked improvement, in a bay where just mere months ago, the same photographers were shooting images of dying pelicans smothered in the oppressie black oil from the Gulf Of Mexico oil spill.

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Male Pond Skaters Don’t Take “NO” For an Answer
pond skater

And you think this sort of thing only happens in people society… Apparently the male pond skaters play on the fears of females to coerce them into having sexual intercourse. The fear that they tap into is the fear of predators.

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15 Year Old Claims Cops Forced Him to Leave Shark On the Beach to Die
Tiger shark

A 15 year old resident and his cohorts are claiming that the police told them to take the shark out of the water and leave it on the beach to die. The youngsters admonish that they wanted to save the poor thing, by pushing it back out into the water, but they did as they were told.

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Inuit Put a Halt on German-Canadian Arctic Tests

A Canadian judge in the northern province of Nunavut has curtailed the plans of several joint German-Canadian Arctic experiments after Inuit residents commented that the testing could harm marine life, sources from within the government revealed on Monday.

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Filipino Government Lays the Smackdown on People Poaching Sea Turtles
Hawksbill turtle

Two years after their detainment, 13 poachers, from Vietnam, who were caught with the dead bodies of 101 endangered Hawksbill turtles (known in scientific circles as Eretmochelys imbricata) near El Nido, northern Palawan, in the Philippines, have finally been convicted and sentenced to hefty fines along with some jail time.

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LA Museum: 85 Million Year Old Sea Monster Featured
Mosasaur fossil - Picture: Dinosaur Institute, NHM

One of the most intriguing and hardiest of marine predators, the marine mosasaur Platecarpus, thrived in the Cretaceous Period, which is somewhere in the vicinity of 85 million years ago, and it is believed to have gotten around much like an eel does.

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U.S. Sportfishing Boat Attacked by Communists Off Costa Rica
Costa Rica

A United States based world fisheries conservation association is gunning for punishment to be dished out, after a sportfishing boat was attacked by a commercial Venezuelan tuna purse seining boat and a helicopter off of Costa Rica’s coast.

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Why the Cries That BP Made the Worst Oil Spill in U.S. History, May Just Be Most Cynical Spin Campaign

How big is the disaster, really.

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New Outlet to Report Your Sightings of Aliens

For our UK readers: Have you ever found a foreign species and ever wondered what could be done about the situation? Wonder no more! You can now do your bit to help out the environment in the UK by reporting your sightings of these creatures.

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