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That’s Mr. Leopard Frog Plec to You!

The plec, commonly known as the L134 or leopard frog plec, does no longer need to go around with its head bowed… It now has a proper scientific name! The name was given by Brazillian icthyologists.

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China New Proud Owner of BP-like Spill?

The efforts to clean up continue after two pipelines ruptured in Dalian, sending forth in the neighborhood of 11,000 barrels of oil into the Yellow Sea. The environmentalists are still trying to figure out just exactly how this happened, and what damage the fisheries and beaches have sustained in the incident.

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Sea Hares Sport Custom Ink!
Sea hare

It has been discovered that ink which is squirted out by sea hares makes them less appetizing to other predators. This discovery was published by researchers at the Georgia State University.

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A Rare Shark to Become Stud In Minnesota
Shark ray

A rare shark, a shark-ray, has traveled an astonishing 6,000 miles to end up at the Underwater Adventures which is located in the Mall of America. The purpose of its visit? Well this has to be a first in history.. It has traveled all this way to be a “stud”.

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Bearded Goby Helps to Salvage a Dead Ocean Zone

Researchers have found a “super fish” which is actually able to not only survive, but thrive in a previously thought uninhabitable region off of Africa’s south-west coast, which also happens to be infested by jellyfish.

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The Risk of Fish Species Contamination Increases Based on Population Density

A paper has recently been published by Gordon Copp, Lorenzo Vilizzi, and Rodolphe Gozlan in the journal Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems which eludes to the fact that the higher the population density in England, the more likely the natural ecosystems can be tainted with pet fish.

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Baltic Wreck Turns Out 230 Year Old Champagne!

Divers have recently uncovered what might just be the world’s oldest champagne (which hasn’t turned to vinegar) in a shipwreck off the Baltic Sea. They celebrated by popping open a bottle even before they made it back to dry land.

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Research Reveals that Old Theory of Phytoplankton Growth Wrong

A recent study has revealed that the previously accepted theor of how and phytoplankton appear in the worlds’ oceans is in fact not correct.

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Fishermen Reel In Rare Catch, “Could be last of its kind”
Angel Shark

Fishermen have managed to reel in an edangered species of shark off Plymouth and experts are saying that it could be the very last of its kind swimming about the UK waterways. It very well might be. The angel shark is classified as a “critically endangered” species, and has been believed to be extinct in the North Sea.

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Giant bluefin Tuna sold in Japan
bluefin tuna

A whale of a tuna was reeled in off Japan, and turned quite a few heads at a fish market in Tokyo on Friday. This was the largest recorded tuna reeled in since 1986, weighing in at 445 kilograms (981 pounds), and sold for 3.2 million yen ($36,700).

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Red Sea Might Just Turn into DEAD Sea!
Red Sea Map

A recent study has found that Global Warming is slowing the growth of Coral in the Red Sea, and all growth could stop by the year 2070.

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“Living Fossils” Give Clues To Deep Sea Life On Aussie Reef
Ospray reef

St. Lucia, Queensland – Some researchers from the Queensland Brain Institute have been utilizing high-tech gadgets to document creatures at depths which would seem impossible.

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Record Breaking Goldfish, Biggest Ever Caught in Britain!

Goldfish – Not the one in story.

Nick Richards, a 16 year old fishing enthusiast from the UK, reeled in a whopper of a goldfish from a lake in Poole. The fish weighs an astounding 5 lbs, which is only 2 lbs less than the world record for goldfish. By all accounts it appears to be the biggest goldfish ever caught in Britain.

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Case Closed on Salmon Mystery Disease
European salmon

There was a lot of mystery surrounding a disease which was rampaging through European Salmon farms, a disease which was wasting their hearts and muscles. Finally, through the use of Genome sleuthing, the mystery has been solved.

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“Nay” to the regulation of shark fishing from the shoreline
Hammerhead shark

Indian River County – The recent proposal to regulate shark fishing from the shore, may be at an impasse.

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