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Coral Conservation: Barking up the Wrong Tree?
Great star coral (Montastraea cavernosa)

Scientists and conservationists might be barking up the wrong tree when it comes to finding corals which are suited to surviving the global climate crisis. This is according to a recent research paper which was published in the journal Science.

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Japan Releases First Marine “Red List”

Greenpeace Japan has just recently released its “red list” this past 21st of July. This comprehensive little guide outlines the different endangered species which are currently being sold in supermarkets or served up in restaurants.

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Whales SMELL? Who Knew!
Bowhead whales

Bowhead whales apparently have the ability to sniff the air! This discovery could drastically change our theories on how baleen whales find their food, as researchers now have a sneaking suspicion that the bowhead whales actually sniff out swarms of krill, their main food source.

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Lionfish Have Been Discovered in the Gulf of Mexico, Just Off Southwest Florida!

Two young lionfish have been reeled in by Florida fisheries scientists this past week by two different fishing expeditions, one 99 miles from the coast, and the other 160 miles off the coast, just a tad north of the Dry Tortugas, and a little bit west of Cape Romano. This news was reported by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research institute in a conference.

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A New Species of Pike Cichlid is Unveiled
Crenicichla hu

Icthyologists from Argentina in conjunction with scientists from the Czech Republic have finally unveiled a new species of pike cichlid which makes its home in the Parana River drainage of Argentina.

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More Than 30 Dead Sea Turtles Found in Guatamala
Sea turtle

More than 30 sea turtles have washed up in Guatamala’s southern coast, dead, mutilated and showing signs of suffocation, authorities have reported.

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Sabertooth Salmon Gets CT Scan
Sabertooth salmon

This is one of those rare occasions in which the doctors did not have to remind the patient to be completely still while they were trying to perform a CT scan. Another positive aspect was they didn’t need to worry about the specimen “flipping out” while lying inside the $900,000 wonder of modern medicine.

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New Sea Creatures Discovered off the Coast of Newfoundland

A conglomerate of Canadian and Spanish researchers have discovered new marine life, which have been previously unknown to the scientific community, and some are even over a 1,000 years old. They are hoping that these creatures will shed some light into the secrets of the ancient underwater ecosystems.

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Experts Backing Law Which Bans Shark Fishing
Hammerhead shark

Conservationists and researchers are lashing out after the 11th fish was killed in BDA waters in the past week.

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Surprise, Surprise.. China Oil Spill “Worse than Thought”
oil spill

It comes as no surprise that the oil spill, which was labelled, “minor” has now been elevated to “worse than thought”. These oil companies like to think they have things under control, but nine times out of ten, they don’t.

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Ancient Monkey Bones Dredged Up from the Sea

Scientists and other researchers have examined some ancient fossils which were identified as the remains of a rather small monkey which is extinct.

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Fishing Experts Claim: Shark Numbers Could Increase Drastically!

It has been warned (By people in the sea food industry) that if a federal fishing ban along the east coast of Australia gets approved, then the sharks will go up in number exponentially, and the price of seafood will more than double.

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Hundreds Of Dead Penguins in… Brazil??
Magellanic penguin

This is kind of weird… Apparently there are hundreds of dead penguins, who look like they’ve starved to death, are washing up on the beaches of Brazil of all places. This is very worrying for scientists on many levels, however the main focal point is just what is causing then to perish.

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Jumping Whale Lands on Top of Yacht!
Right whale

Well, this is interesting.. A whale which was showing off its moves in Table Bay, jumped up out of the water “Free Willy” style, and what happens? The whale lands on top of a sailboat.

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Largest Blue Catfis Ever Caught – 130 Pounder Reeled in in the Missouri River!
Blue Catfish

What may be the world’s largest catfish was reeled in by Greg Bernal, from Florissant, and Janet Momphard, of St Charles.

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