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Has the Damage from the BP Oil Spill Been Exaggerated?

President Obama himself has been quoted as saying that the BP oil spill is the “ worst environmental disaster America has ever faced,” and well, so has just about anyone else asked what they thought about it. All sorts of different environmental groups are sounding the klaxons and screaming “catastrophe along the Gulf coast”, while the major news agencies such as; CBS, Fox, and MSNBC are all slathering “Disaster in the Gulf” into their main stories and reports.

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PETA Lobbying for Criminal Charges to be Filed in Sea World Attack
Peta logo

PETA is lobbying for Sea World to be held criminally responsible for the death of Dawn Brancheau. Since that fateful day, PETA has been launching numerous campaigns against Sea World and their operational procedures.

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Brand New Clownfish From Pacific Described

Douglas Fenner, Joshua Drew, and Gerald Allen, described this new clownfish as Amphiprion pacificus in their report which was recently published in Aqua, the International Journal of Ichthyology.

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CSIRO Comes Up With New Way To Detect Oil
oil detection

Scientists of the CSIRO have come up with a revolutionary new way to quickly detect and find out how much petroleum hydrocarbons (which you get from crude oil) is present in soil, silt, sediment, or even rock.

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Japanese Company Caught in $2.4 Million Fishing Bust!
hand cuffs

A Japanese company was caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They were caught in one of the biggest fisheries bust in New Zealand, illegally reeling in 600 tonnes of fish.

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Oceans Heating Up – Will Cause Decline and Rearrangement of Sea Life

There have been two separate studies in which researchers discovered that the ocean heating up has caused a massive decline in the amount of plant life in the ocean over the past 100 years. The studies also indicated that there is a link between the ambient temperature of the water of the ocean and the different patterns of marine biodiversity.

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Undercover Op by Sea Shepherd Exposes Slaughter!
Faroe Islands

On the 19th of July, some 236 pilot whales met a rather ruthless demise in the town of Klaksvik, located in the Danish Faeroe Islands. Thanks to the excellent work of an undercover operative of Sea Shepherd, who was amongst the locals to document “the grind”, the whole thing was caught on tape.

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Scientist Ecstatic Over Rare Coral!
Acropora palmata,

A scientist from Australia has stumbled across what might be the rarest coral in the world, in the vastness of the remote North Pacific.

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Seaweed Is Great Barrier Reef’s Biggest Enemy
Great Barrier Reef

New research has discovered that seaweed is leeching the life right out of the Great Barrier Reef and annihilating coral!

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BP Oil Spill: Oil Disappears? Where Did It Go?

As the size of the disaster seems to shrink away to nothing, experts are saying that the oil is actually breaking up, and staying beneath the waves.

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25 Percent of China’s Water Unusuable

Somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty-five percent of the surface water in China is so contaminated that it can’t even be used for industrial purposes. The sad thing about that figure is, while twenty-five percent is that contaminated, less than half of the total supply available is fit for human consumption. This data came from an environment watchdog this past Monday.

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Dolphin-Safe Tuna? Is it a Success? Or Is Something Fishy Here?

You like to think you’re doing the world a favor, and doing your part by making sure that can of tuna you pick up at the supermarket is “Dolphin Safe”, however, have you ever stopped to think what it might be doing to other sea life?

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Ancient Wrecks Found off Italian Coast, Found By Sonar Scanners

A group of scientists have discovered four ancient shipwrecks off of Zannone, a tony Italian island, which appear to have their cargoes of wine and oil intact.

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All Out War Declared on Asian Carp: Groups are Mobilizing Against the Invaders!
Bighead carp

Governor Ted Strickland is getting about half of what he pleaded the White House to do in a July 8th letter about the Asian Carp problem. As you know, the Asian carp are entering into Lake Michigan, and if not stopped, it could become a colossal problem!

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A New Species of Hemigrammus Tetra Has Been Described:

A brand spanking new species of Hemigrammus tetra has been categorized, analyzed and described by a group of ichthyologists from Brazil. The new species makes its home in the Tocantins River drainage out in the central area of Brazil.

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