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Is the Perfect Prawn here at Last?
Tiger prawn

South Victoria, Australia – After 10 years of grueling scientific research and breeding, the scientific community has unveiled what just might be.. The world’s most perfect prawn.

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Durbin Bequeaths Obama to Elect Carp Czar

Concerns are wildly mounting over the presence of Asian carp near Lake Michigan, United States Senator Dick Durbin has bequeathed Obama to elect a Carp Czar, to oversee the efforts to help keep these Asian invaders out of the Great Lakes.

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A Male Fish in Mexico has a Moustache??

The male molly fish, found in Mexico, sports a “sexy” moustache, so that it might appear more attractive to females of the species.

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Billy the Fish, rescued from Carlisle Floods Dies

Billy the fish, beloved Fulchester United mascot since 2005, has passed away. Billy was rescued at Carlisle United’s Brunton park, in a goalmouth of all places, after the flooding which occurred there in 2005.

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Grown tired of you fish? Drop in the mail box!

Sounds weird? If so you haven´t heard about the ”fish mail box” in Inada Park, Kawasaki, Tama River in Japan near Tokyo. The ”fish mail box” is a 7 meter by 4 meter large concrete water tank that have been placed along the river to give people a place to drop unwanted fish.

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BP-oil threatens cold-water corals
Oil spill

Thousands of barrels of oil continue to leak into the ocean from British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon each day, and as we have been able to see in countless news reports a lot of it reaches the surface.

Less well known is that a significant portion of the oil never make the full 1 502 meter (4928 feet) journey to the surface. Instead, the stratified waters of the Gulf of Mexico capture the oil or slow down its ascent, and this oil is now threatening numerous life forms far below the surface.

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June 7: NOAA modifies fishing closure in oil-affected parts of the Gulf of Mexico

Due to the massive Deepwater Horizon oil spill, also known as the BP Oil Spill, parts of the Gulf of Mexico is closed for both commercial and recreational fishing.

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Dozens of Koi bludgeoned on California College campus

Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the bludgeoning of dozens of Koi fish at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, California.

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