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Right Whales On The Rise: Ship Strikes on Their Way Out
Right Whales

The measures meant to put a stop to the extinction of one of the world’s most endangered marine animals appear to be having an effect, as the population of the North Atlantic right whales rises slightly as the deaths linked to ship strikes decline just a tad.

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Blue Whales Can Carry a Tune: “Always Calling At The Exact Same Pitch”
blue whale

It has been discovered that Blue whales are actually able to effectively tune the pitch of their calls with an astounding amount of accuracy, and are able to repeat this process call after call.

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The Sapphire Princess was Delayed By…. A Whale?
Sapphire Princess

When the Sapphire Princess pulled into Juneau it was actually stopped in it’s tracks this Past Wednesday, when a dead whale was found on the ship’s bow.

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PETA Lobbying for Criminal Charges to be Filed in Sea World Attack
Peta logo

PETA is lobbying for Sea World to be held criminally responsible for the death of Dawn Brancheau. Since that fateful day, PETA has been launching numerous campaigns against Sea World and their operational procedures.

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Undercover Op by Sea Shepherd Exposes Slaughter!
Faroe Islands

On the 19th of July, some 236 pilot whales met a rather ruthless demise in the town of Klaksvik, located in the Danish Faeroe Islands. Thanks to the excellent work of an undercover operative of Sea Shepherd, who was amongst the locals to document “the grind”, the whole thing was caught on tape.

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Dolphin-Safe Tuna? Is it a Success? Or Is Something Fishy Here?

You like to think you’re doing the world a favor, and doing your part by making sure that can of tuna you pick up at the supermarket is “Dolphin Safe”, however, have you ever stopped to think what it might be doing to other sea life?

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Whales SMELL? Who Knew!
Bowhead whales

Bowhead whales apparently have the ability to sniff the air! This discovery could drastically change our theories on how baleen whales find their food, as researchers now have a sneaking suspicion that the bowhead whales actually sniff out swarms of krill, their main food source.

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Jumping Whale Lands on Top of Yacht!
Right whale

Well, this is interesting.. A whale which was showing off its moves in Table Bay, jumped up out of the water “Free Willy” style, and what happens? The whale lands on top of a sailboat.

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Whale Meat Becoming Quite the Dining Delight!
whale meat

If you have your tongue set on eating some whale meat tonight, you may consider heading off to Ulsan. There has been a sharp increase in the number of local restaurants in this major city over the past year, they now tally over 100, the city government reported this past Sunday.

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Dolphins Being Killed for Bait in the Amazon River!

The bright pink dolphins of the Amazon River as very docile, and gentle creatures. This unfortunately makes them easy pickings for the people who trap them using harpoons and nets, as they will simply nose up beside the fishing boats to say hello.

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Controversial Dolphin Hunting Documentary, “The Cove”, makes debut in Japan
Bottlenose dolphin

Tokyo (AP) – “The Cove”, an award winning documentary which exposes a Japanese village engaging in the acts of hunting down and killing dolphins, has finally made its debut on Saturday after being delayed by angry nationalist protests.

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SeaWorld Still in Hot Water

Sea World seems to have gotten itself in quite a bit of hot water lately. They have begun to reach out the federal agency which is investigation the death of a killer-whale trainer at the SeaWorld location in Orlando Florida, to talk about the possibility of negotiating a settlement, even before the investigation is complete.
The idea is for SeaWorld to strike a “pre-citation settlement” with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The organization has been investigation the safety practices of SeaWorld since February 24th, when one of their trainers, Dawn Brancheau, was killed by a 6 ton killer whale by the name of Tilikum.

However, SeaWorld is grasping at straws, as pre-emptive agreements with OSHA are relatively unheard of, and to actually reach one would require that the Orlando based SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment to agree to some work safety changes. This settlement might also allow SeaWorld a little more breathing room, and limit the amount of fallout from the safety probe, by making sure it is over as quickly as possible.

It wasn’t made clear on Monday whether or not the OSHA was even willing to consider such a setlement with SeaWorld. The OSHA has very recently begun to take a more strict approach to the enforcement of policies for theme parks and other entertainment venues.

SeaWorld has been “on notice” since last month after a bunch of work related injuries, and even deaths at SeaWorld Orlando, and Walt Disney World.

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Blue whales are reclaiming their old feeding grounds

Now some happy news from the ocean: blue whales have been spotted in migratory routes and feeding grounds in the Pacific that has been void of blue-whales for over half a century. Sightings are also increasing in the Atlantic, and recent research suggests that the Antarctic blue whale population is growing at a heartening 6% a year.

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Japan kills 59 whales for feeding study

The annual whale expedition off the Japanese port city of Kushiro ended this weekend after having caught 59 minke whales, the Japanese Fisheries Agency said in a statement.

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Capture of Mako shark off Florida sharply criticized online

Florida anglers are being sharply criticized after a video of them free-gaffing a Mako shark off South Florida this week was made public on the Internet.

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