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Fish news
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Another case of animal cruelty against goldfish at a Chinese Gala

Yet another Chinese event is by many considered to be tainted with animal cruelty, and just as with the olympics, the unlucky animals are goldfish. at the opening gala of China’s lunar new year festival earlier this month they shower goldfish swimming in perfect military formations.

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“Extinct” Salmon Species Discovered in Lake Saiko

A researcher has commented that this past Wednesday his team has discovered that a local freshwater salmon species classified as extinct by the government about seven decades ago, still lives on in Lake Saiko.

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Dog Needs Rescuing After Chasing Sea Lion?

Some dogs chase cars, some chase bikes, others chase… sea lions? Yes, it appears that some dogs don’t limit the things they chase to just things on land apparently.

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New Kind Of Large Squid Making Waves

A brand new kind of large squid has been found by researchers while voyaging around on a research cruise in the southern part of the Indian Ocean.

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Gollum Risking Extinction in New Zealand, Frodo Can’t Help Him
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A unique, and hard to find, fished which is named after a J.R.R. Tolkien character is facing extinction if the plans to build a dam come to fruition. You see, it happens to only live in that one river in New Zealand, and cannot be transplanted easily.

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Beached Dead Whale “Was World’ Oldest”, Came to Rest in Denmark

A whale which perished after being beached in a Danish fjord earlier on in the year is believed to have been between one hundred and thirty and one hundred and forty years old – which makes it one of the oldest known whales to date, officials commented this past Tuesday.

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Mother-Daughter Dive Team Discover Golden Bird Valued at Over $800,000

Bonnie Schubert, along with her eighty-seven year old mother, have been scouring the coast of Florida for decades in the search of treasure.

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Albino Seal Discovered, Interned at Hospital in Netherlands
Albino Seal

An almost impossible to find albino seal has just been given admittance to the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Center Lenie’ t Hart (SRRC) in Holland following coming down with a rather nasty infection in its lungs.

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Scientists uncover 300 Year Old Pocket Watch in Near Pristine Condition

A rusted out pocket watch covered in barnacles was discovered inside a wreck from the seventeenth century. The pocket watch was of impeccable make and its internal workings were almost perfectly preserved.

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Rare, Brilliantly Colored Lobsters on Display at Aquarium
blue lobster, calico lobster, orange lobster

Three lobsters have been hauled in from the depths of the sea, and are causing quite a stir. One of the specimens is bright blue, another is calico-hued, and the last is a brilliant orange, much like you would expect a Jack-O-Lantern to be.

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Thieves Sneak Off With Catch From Aquarium in Waikiki

Thieves made off with 15 moi from a display tank situated at the Waikiki Aquarium this past weekend.

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Save Water, Or Risk Killing Goldie

This is certainly an interesting way to get people interested in conserving our planets’ water supply.

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Shocking Suprise – Human foot found in shark (Graphic Pictures)
The caught shark

Just as a deep sea fisherman was about to cut away a hook from a wide open mouth of a shark to let it go back on its merry way to the sea, the most surprising thing sprung forth.. A human foot.

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Death From Jellyfish-Sting, First in Europe
Portuguese Man-O-War (Physalia physalis)

Authorities have said that a woman had a deadly reaction and died after being stung by a jellyfish on an Italian beach. Maria Farcus, 69, is thought to be the first such case of a person dying of a jellyfish-sting in Europe.

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Two-Headed Turtle in Phuket Needs Name

Well, this is certainly interesting news. It appears that a two-headed turtle has gripped the attention of Phuket, and may turn into a full blow two-headed turtle mania if the media coverage is any indication.

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