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Fish news
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Fish third most popular pet in Australia
Dogs are the most popular pets

A recent online survey in which over a thousand Australians participated show that dogs are the most popular pet, followed by cats and fish. The survey, commissioned by Coles Supermarkets and conducted by Evolve Research, also showed that two in five buy their pets from shops that offer pets for sale, and that only 10 percent of Australia’s pets have been adopted from shelters.

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18 baby dolphins found dead in the Gulf of Mexico
Dolphins. Picture from

On February 21, three baby dolphins were found dead on the shores of Horn Island, and on February 22 the finding of a fourth carcass was confirmed by The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies (IMMS).

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Another case of animal cruelty against goldfish at a Chinese Gala

Yet another Chinese event is by many considered to be tainted with animal cruelty, and just as with the olympics, the unlucky animals are goldfish. at the opening gala of China’s lunar new year festival earlier this month they shower goldfish swimming in perfect military formations.

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Top Ten Fish Stories of 2010

A turbulent, bizarre and downright strange year for fish, our list of the Top Ten Fish Stories of 2010 will have you scratching your head, wiping away tears and laughing all in one sitting.

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Shark Fin Soup Warms Bellies: Gives Stars To Sun Tung Lok
Shark fins

A high class restaurant situated in Tsim Sha Tsui, the Sun Tung Lok – which also happens to be very famous for its shark fin soup – has just gotten the honor of being the first restaurant, not part of a hotel, to be given three Michelin stars.

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“The Definition of Life Has Just Expanded”: NASA Finds Arsenic-based Life Form in Lake:

Scientists who were researching and testing the harsh environments of Mono Lake in California have uncovered the first organism on the planet which can reproduce and thrive in arsenic – a deadly poison. The organism actually uses arsenic in place of phosphorous in the cell components.

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Tens of Thousands Of Jellyfish Wash up on a Beach in San Francisco
Credit:  André Karwath

Tens of thousands of jellyfish have been discovered washed up on the shores of Ocean Beach, San Francisco.

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Sea Lions Take Researchers By Surprise: Adopt Orphaned Pups!

It seems that sea lions have once again pulled the wool over the eyes of researchers. We all know it’s a rough world, and no less is true of those poor orphaned sea lion pups. However, decades of painstaking research has proven that the sea lion females shun any sea lion pups which aren’t there own.. Or do they?

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Black Caviar Back on Market – If You’re Willing to Pay

OK you fish egg fanatics, some good news – black caviar can once again be purchased for your upscale parties. It is available on the shelves in Russia for the first time since it was taken off the menu back in 2007.

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Epic Struggle Over “Pearl of Allah” Continues on in Denver

A case nearly three decades old which revolves around what is thought to be the worlds’ biggest pearl is being brought into the lime light yet again in a Denver courtroom. The tale is one of murder shrouded in mystery, toped off with a several million dollars.

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Underwater Cavern Houses Extinct Bears

Scientists specializing in the area of underwater archeology, have just unearthed what appear to be four complete skulls of the extinct Arctotherium – a kind of stout faced bear which vanished off the face of the planet over 11,000 years ago – 42 meters beneath the waves, in an underwater cave on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico

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Scientists uncover 300 Year Old Pocket Watch in Near Pristine Condition

A rusted out pocket watch covered in barnacles was discovered inside a wreck from the seventeenth century. The pocket watch was of impeccable make and its internal workings were almost perfectly preserved.

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Ten Year Long Census of Marine Life Comes to Completion:

There are literally hundreds of thousands of varieties of marine life making their home in the oceans around the world today. This statement comes from a ten year long project, whose results were just recently released, to try and categorize them all.

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Oceans Are Becoming Overcrowded, Salmon In Danger, B.C Scientists Fear Worst
Salmon fry

The wild salmon of the North Pacific are becoming fewer in number as they are being forced to fight for their food and rapidly declining living space, as billions of farmed salmon are being released into the oceans every year, a study by researchers out of B.C. and Washington State explains.

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Super Kiwi Does it Again! Another Record Set!

Well, this guy just doesn’t sleep does he? David Mullins, super kiwi, has beaten yet another world record. However, even he has conceded that a third record today may just be pushing the envelope a bit too far.

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