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New Arapaima species -Arapaima leptosoma – Slender Arapaima

A new species of arapaima, Arapaima leptosoma, has been described by Dr. Donald Stewart of the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) at Syracuse University. The new species has been described from specimen that were collected in 2001 near the confluence of the Solimões and Purus rivers in Amazonas State, Brazil. Stewarts discovery brings the total number of […]

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Gold Nugget pleco and Mango pleco finally described by science

Two pleco species from the Xingu River drainage that are popular within the aquarium hobby have finally been scientifically described and given scientific names.

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New species of Brazilian killifish described by science
Rivulus albae

A new species of killifish native to Brazil has been formally described and given a scientific name. The fish, from now on known as Rivulus albae, belongs to the subgenus Melanorivulus and was found in soft and acidic water in northeastern Brazil.

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African Wolf – New wolf Species discovered
African Wolf

This is not really fish related but cool enough to warrant a post here anyway. Scientists have discovered a new species of Wolf in Egypt.

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New species of giant U.S. crayfish described
Giant Crayfish

A species of giant crayfish native to Tennessee in the United States has been scientifically described and given the name Barbicambarus simmonis.

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New Kind Of Large Squid Making Waves

A brand new kind of large squid has been found by researchers while voyaging around on a research cruise in the southern part of the Indian Ocean.

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New Kind Of Fish Discovered
white snailfish

A brand new kind of fish has just been found in one of the dark “lifeless” areas of the ocean. It was previously thought that the area was devoid of fish, researchers say.

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Melanotaenia fasinensis – New Rainbow Fish Named From West Papua
Melanotaenia fasinensis

Researchers have just discovered and described a new rainbow fish which hails from West Papua, Indonesia.

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Breaking News: New Snail Larval Form discovered: First since 1978!
Thermal Vent

Now, just when you thought you pretty much knew your basic zoology, an amazing new discovery has been made that is basically going to force some poor guy to rewrite the molluscan, larval ecology and invertebrate text books.

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New Species of Filament Barb Named After Ichthyologist
Puntius Rohani

A brand new kind of filament barb has been discovered and described which is from India’s southern tip. This new discovery was released in the newest edition of the Journal of Threatened Taxa. This is really quite an astonishing discovery, and it leads one to wonder what other marvels may be hiding themselves away in the depths of the sea, far from the prying hands of us humans.

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New Kind Of Armored Catfish Eats Wood?

An amazonian catfish, which also happens to be armored, has been discovered and it doesn’t eat the usual thing… Nope, this one eats wood. This interesting catfish will eat wood from logs floating around, or if it gets particularly hungry, even the excrement of its neighboring catfish.

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Census Reveals that Japanese and Australian Waters, Hiding Secrets

Japan along with Australia have some of the world’s most diverse oceans, however thousands of the marvelous creatures in their deeps, remain unknown to man, and global warming is a major concern, suggests a newly performed census.

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Brand New Clownfish From Pacific Described

Douglas Fenner, Joshua Drew, and Gerald Allen, described this new clownfish as Amphiprion pacificus in their report which was recently published in Aqua, the International Journal of Ichthyology.

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Scientist Ecstatic Over Rare Coral!
Acropora palmata,

A scientist from Australia has stumbled across what might be the rarest coral in the world, in the vastness of the remote North Pacific.

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A New Species of Hemigrammus Tetra Has Been Described:

A brand spanking new species of Hemigrammus tetra has been categorized, analyzed and described by a group of ichthyologists from Brazil. The new species makes its home in the Tocantins River drainage out in the central area of Brazil.

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