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Fish news
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African Wolf – New wolf Species discovered
African Wolf

This is not really fish related but cool enough to warrant a post here anyway. Scientists have discovered a new species of Wolf in Egypt.

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Fluorescent color of coral larvae predicts their future

A young staghorn coral that fluoresce redder is less likely to settle and develop into coral polyps than young staghorn corals that fluoresce greener. This surprising discovery was made by assistant professor of biology Mikhail “Misha” Matz and his colleagues* at the Austin branch of the University of Texas.

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New species of giant U.S. crayfish described
Giant Crayfish

A species of giant crayfish native to Tennessee in the United States has been scientifically described and given the name Barbicambarus simmonis.

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Why do fish sleep in nets?
Lexa Grutter/researcher

Some fish like the roundhead parrotfish – which makes its home in the barrier reef – spend up to one hour each evening making a “net” composed of mucus and wrap themselves in it. Thanks to some new Australian research, scientists believe they may have an answer for this rather strange behavior. The research comes from the University of Queensland, and was published in the journal Biology Letters, and dictates that these amazing fish make these “nets” to help protect them from attacks from parasites.

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Sea Lions Take Researchers By Surprise: Adopt Orphaned Pups!

It seems that sea lions have once again pulled the wool over the eyes of researchers. We all know it’s a rough world, and no less is true of those poor orphaned sea lion pups. However, decades of painstaking research has proven that the sea lion females shun any sea lion pups which aren’t there own.. Or do they?

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Squids Could Hold Key To Providing Valuable Answers Into The Origin and Evolution of Hearing
Loligo pealeii

Loligo pealeii, an ordinary run of the mill squid – most famous for being a source of food for many creatures in the sea – might just become a VIP in the science world, as it is making waves by providing tidbits and insights into the origin and evolution of the sense of hearing.

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New Kind Of Fish Discovered
white snailfish

A brand new kind of fish has just been found in one of the dark “lifeless” areas of the ocean. It was previously thought that the area was devoid of fish, researchers say.

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The Algae Which are Bent on World Domination?

An Israeli Ph.D student’s case study on a kind of deadly algae, may just help to make drinking water safer for people and animals alike.

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One Of The Oldest Skeletons in the Americas Found in Undersea Cave
Yucatan peninsula

A Mexican skeleton which was ritually laid to rest in a cave that was once devoid of water, lends clues as to first Americans.

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Research Proves that Flying Fish are More Effective at Gliding Than Insects, And Just As Efficient as Birds

We all know about those birds which are just at home in the water as they are in the air, however, not too many species of fish can say the same thing. Flying fish can actually stay up in the air for more than half a minute, and can glide as far as 400 meters and reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour!

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Breaking News: New Snail Larval Form discovered: First since 1978!
Thermal Vent

Now, just when you thought you pretty much knew your basic zoology, an amazing new discovery has been made that is basically going to force some poor guy to rewrite the molluscan, larval ecology and invertebrate text books.

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Male Fish Won’t “Ask For Directions”

Recent research has come to the astonishing conclusion that fish, specifically the males, positively refuse to ask for directions when they are breeding.

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Divers Haul Up Oldest Drinkable Beer From Baltic:

Well now, first it was champagne, now it’s beer.. The Baltic Sea seems to be a fully stocked bar in it’s own right. What’s next? A martini shaken not stirred?

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Researchers Delving into Sea Slug Poison

A group of researchers are going to meet sometime this week, and attempt to delve into the mysterious poison which has been discovered in sea slugs, which have made an appearance on Auckland’s shores this past winter.

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The Conundrum of the Gap in the Spine of the Barbeled Dragonfish Finally Solved

The conundrum of why a particular group of deep sea fish have a gap between their skull and spinal columns has finally been solved by a crack team of researchers, which include representatives from the Natural History Museum.

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