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Angler Breaks World Record for Fishing: 1,000 Different Species Caught!
Steve Wozniak

Well it certainly seems to be a time for breaking records. An angler has just become the first person in the world to break the ultimate fishing record, by reeling in an astounding 1,000 different species of fish.

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World Record Tilapia Reeled in St. Lucie River

What is believed to be a rec ord breaking tilapia has been caught in St. Lucie River

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Fraser sockeye count climbs to 30 million

The Fraser River is being overrun by sockeye salmon. Officials from the fishery are now estimating that the number of sockeye returning has climbed to roughly 30 million, which is a 5 million increase from their previous count of 25 million earlier this week.

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Trawlermen from Shetland Illegally Reeled in 15M GPB Worth of Herring and Mackeral

Six skippers are facing unlimited fines and confiscation orders to the tune of millions of pounds after admitting they breached fishing quotas.

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Costa Rican Boat Caught With Hand in Cookie Jar: Illegally Fishing in the Galapagos
Galapagos Island

The navy in Ecuador took charge of a fishing boat, of Costa Rican origin dubbed the Rosa I, which had a bountiful cargo of shark meat. This boat was seized in the Galapagos Islands, and an investigation is underway to determine whether the shark came from the archipelago, where shark fishing has been outlawed.

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Fisherman Robbed of His Catch… By a Frog?
Picture by Mr Krugersky

In a strange turn of events, a fisherman was left speechless after an enterprising frog hopped into his net, and proceeded to swallow his hard earned fish whole.

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Japanese Company Caught in $2.4 Million Fishing Bust!
hand cuffs

A Japanese company was caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They were caught in one of the biggest fisheries bust in New Zealand, illegally reeling in 600 tonnes of fish.

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Experts Backing Law Which Bans Shark Fishing
Hammerhead shark

Conservationists and researchers are lashing out after the 11th fish was killed in BDA waters in the past week.

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Fishing Experts Claim: Shark Numbers Could Increase Drastically!

It has been warned (By people in the sea food industry) that if a federal fishing ban along the east coast of Australia gets approved, then the sharks will go up in number exponentially, and the price of seafood will more than double.

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Hundreds Of Dead Penguins in… Brazil??
Magellanic penguin

This is kind of weird… Apparently there are hundreds of dead penguins, who look like they’ve starved to death, are washing up on the beaches of Brazil of all places. This is very worrying for scientists on many levels, however the main focal point is just what is causing then to perish.

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Largest Blue Catfis Ever Caught – 130 Pounder Reeled in in the Missouri River!
Blue Catfish

What may be the world’s largest catfish was reeled in by Greg Bernal, from Florissant, and Janet Momphard, of St Charles.

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Research Reveals that Old Theory of Phytoplankton Growth Wrong

A recent study has revealed that the previously accepted theor of how and phytoplankton appear in the worlds’ oceans is in fact not correct.

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Fishermen Reel In Rare Catch, “Could be last of its kind”
Angel Shark

Fishermen have managed to reel in an edangered species of shark off Plymouth and experts are saying that it could be the very last of its kind swimming about the UK waterways. It very well might be. The angel shark is classified as a “critically endangered” species, and has been believed to be extinct in the North Sea.

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Record Breaking Goldfish, Biggest Ever Caught in Britain!

Goldfish – Not the one in story.

Nick Richards, a 16 year old fishing enthusiast from the UK, reeled in a whopper of a goldfish from a lake in Poole. The fish weighs an astounding 5 lbs, which is only 2 lbs less than the world record for goldfish. By all accounts it appears to be the biggest goldfish ever caught in Britain.

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“Nesski” the Naughty Sea Monster?
Sea monster

Nessie’s Russian cousin, “Nesski” seems to be misbehaving in a rather morbid way. It seems to have acquired the taste for fishermen!

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