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Will grey seals counteract cod recovery in the Baltic Sea?

Grey seals and cod used to be found in great abundance throughout the Baltic Sea, but today the seals are chiefly present in the northern parts of the sea while the cod is found in the south.

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Hilton stops serving sailfish and marlin in Costa Rica

Four Hilton Worldwide hotels in Costa Rica have pledged to stop serving sailfish and marlin after entering into an agreement with the Billfish Foundation (TBF) and the Costa Rica Sport Fishing Federation (FECOPT).

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China Releases 1.3 Billion Fish into Yangtze River

Last week, 1.3 billion fish were released into the Yangtze River by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture (MOA). The release took place in the provinces of Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui and Jiangsu in the middle and lower reaches of the river.

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Fish taxidermy & Catch and Release

An example of how new technologies and methods can increase the acceptance of environmental policies such as catch and release.

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Fake seagrass help us learn how to save dwindling fish populations

A large amount of New Zealand’s seagrass have been killed by sediments released from land development. The seagrass bed at Whangarei Harbour has for instance been reduced from 14 sq km in the 1960s to virtually non-existant today.

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405.2 Pound Yellowfin Tuna Largest Ever Reeled In!

A rather large motley group of people gathered round to meet the Vagabond Monday morning to feast their eyes on a whopper of a yellowfin tuna – one that weighed in at 405.2 pounds!

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International Accord Fails: BlueFin Tuna In Dire Straights Due to Overfishing

The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna did not accept the idea of reducing fishing of the Atlantic bluefin, whose populations have been declining for the past few decades from fishing pressure and, who could forget, the BP oil spill fiasco in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Widely Accepted Indicator of Fisheries Health Questioned; “Humans Don’t Appear To Be Fishing Down the Food Web”

The most widely accepted method of being able to determine the health of the world’s oceans and fisheries led to inaccurate conclusions in almost fifty percent of the ecosystems where it was utlilized.

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Fishing is Permitted in Ninety-Nine Percent of Pacific Coast of Canada’s Marine Protected Areas

Fishing is permitted in ninety-nine percent of Marine Protected Areas – also known as MPA – on the Pacific coast of Canada, so says a report put out by Living Oceans Society and released in Marine Policy this month. It is rather interesting that the fishing is permitted, given the fact that over fifty percent of the MPAs are labeled as “strictly prohibited” and are specifically set up to stop all fishing.

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Buzz Continues to Build Surrounding Theory That Volcano Cause Boom in Salmon Population
Salmon fry

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the speculation, which was tossed around this week, that a volcanic eruption on an Alaskan island back in 2008 is somehow responsible for the boom in the salmon population this year in the rivers of British Columbia in Canada.

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Boat Captain Facing 50 Large in Fines For Violations of Fishery Laws
Dominican Republic

A boat captain from the Dominican Republic has to pay some $50,000 in fines after he and his 28 crewman pleaded guilty to numerous infractions and violations of fisheries law.

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Bluefin Populations Change In Cloudy Waters

A very interesting report has made its way to me from a meeting taking place in Madrid which is taking a gander at tuna populations and catches.

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Whole Foods to Stop Selling Over-Fished Species In Time For Earth Day 2013
Whole foods logo

Whole Foods has just launched a special color coded sustainability rating program for all their products. This new program is very revolutionary. What it does, is that all their products will now be color coded based on the danger posed to the sealife that come in that partocular product.

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Shocking Suprise – Human foot found in shark (Graphic Pictures)
The caught shark

Just as a deep sea fisherman was about to cut away a hook from a wide open mouth of a shark to let it go back on its merry way to the sea, the most surprising thing sprung forth.. A human foot.

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Divers Haul Up Oldest Drinkable Beer From Baltic:

Well now, first it was champagne, now it’s beer.. The Baltic Sea seems to be a fully stocked bar in it’s own right. What’s next? A martini shaken not stirred?

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