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Fish news
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Fluorescent cichlids – Taiwan Researchers Unveil Glow In The Dark Cichlids?
Fluorescent Convict cichlid (Amatitlania nigrofasciata)

The Council of Agriculture in Taiwan surprised the world last week by stating that they had successfully created fluorescent cichlids. These cichlids were created by breeding trangenic Convict cichlids and Angelfish.

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Fish Have Good Memories and Can be Quite Cunning

Scientists have discovered that fish actually do have quite a good memory, and can actually be quite smart. They have also been noted to be capable of working in a team, and even acting quite deviously.

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BP Facing Lawsuit to Stop Burning Sea Turtles
Green sea turtle

San Francisco, California – BP is in some very hot water over their practice of burning sea turtles, while trying to clean up their mess in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Is the Perfect Prawn here at Last?
Tiger prawn

South Victoria, Australia – After 10 years of grueling scientific research and breeding, the scientific community has unveiled what just might be.. The world’s most perfect prawn.

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Grown tired of you fish? Drop in the mail box!

Sounds weird? If so you haven´t heard about the ”fish mail box” in Inada Park, Kawasaki, Tama River in Japan near Tokyo. The ”fish mail box” is a 7 meter by 4 meter large concrete water tank that have been placed along the river to give people a place to drop unwanted fish.

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BP-oil threatens cold-water corals
Oil spill

Thousands of barrels of oil continue to leak into the ocean from British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon each day, and as we have been able to see in countless news reports a lot of it reaches the surface.

Less well known is that a significant portion of the oil never make the full 1 502 meter (4928 feet) journey to the surface. Instead, the stratified waters of the Gulf of Mexico capture the oil or slow down its ascent, and this oil is now threatening numerous life forms far below the surface.

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The sound of reefs essential for corals

We tend to think about corals as stationary animals, almost plants, but they do have a free-swimming stage when they are very young. A team of scientist working in the Caribbean Sea has now found that during this stage, the tiny corals find their way to suitable homes by listening to the distinctive sounds produced by reef dwelling animals.

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Why does the thresher shark have such a large tail?
Tresher shark

The thresher sharks belong to genus Alopias and are famous for their huge caudal fin. In some members of this group, the caudal fin is as long as the rest of the body. Even the name of the genus, Alopias, is a reference to this distinctive body part – alopex is the Greek word for fox.

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