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Fish news
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That’s Mr. Leopard Frog Plec to You!

The plec, commonly known as the L134 or leopard frog plec, does no longer need to go around with its head bowed… It now has a proper scientific name! The name was given by Brazillian icthyologists.

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A Rare Shark to Become Stud In Minnesota
Shark ray

A rare shark, a shark-ray, has traveled an astonishing 6,000 miles to end up at the Underwater Adventures which is located in the Mall of America. The purpose of its visit? Well this has to be a first in history.. It has traveled all this way to be a “stud”.

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The Risk of Fish Species Contamination Increases Based on Population Density

A paper has recently been published by Gordon Copp, Lorenzo Vilizzi, and Rodolphe Gozlan in the journal Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems which eludes to the fact that the higher the population density in England, the more likely the natural ecosystems can be tainted with pet fish.

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Record Breaking Goldfish, Biggest Ever Caught in Britain!

Goldfish – Not the one in story.

Nick Richards, a 16 year old fishing enthusiast from the UK, reeled in a whopper of a goldfish from a lake in Poole. The fish weighs an astounding 5 lbs, which is only 2 lbs less than the world record for goldfish. By all accounts it appears to be the biggest goldfish ever caught in Britain.

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ORA Finally Releases Spotted Mandarins
Spotted Mandarin

ORA has finally announced the initial release of it’s first batch of 100% cultivated Spotted Mandarins (Synchiropus picturatus). Their biologists have been working around the clock in developing the methods to raise this remarkable fish.

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Robotic Fish Head of the School!

In a rather interesting turn of events, scientists have just released a robotic fish, which appears to be able to influence the behavior of other fish in the aquarium.

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Japanese Census of Lake Tanganyika Fish
Neolamprologus cylindricus

There has been an ongoing census of the fish community in Lake Tanganyika for the last twenty years. During this census the Japanese scientists have taken note of some rather drastic changes in the fish populations.

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Fish Have Good Memories and Can be Quite Cunning

Scientists have discovered that fish actually do have quite a good memory, and can actually be quite smart. They have also been noted to be capable of working in a team, and even acting quite deviously.

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Squat Urchin Shrimp, Really Quite Interesting….

Video and information about this fascinating shrimp.

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A Male Fish in Mexico has a Moustache??

The male molly fish, found in Mexico, sports a “sexy” moustache, so that it might appear more attractive to females of the species.

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Grown tired of you fish? Drop in the mail box!

Sounds weird? If so you haven´t heard about the ”fish mail box” in Inada Park, Kawasaki, Tama River in Japan near Tokyo. The ”fish mail box” is a 7 meter by 4 meter large concrete water tank that have been placed along the river to give people a place to drop unwanted fish.

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Dozens of Koi bludgeoned on California College campus

Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the bludgeoning of dozens of Koi fish at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, California.

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Spitting fish learn to catch artificial flies

In south-east Asia and northern Australia, Archer fish can be seen spitting jets of water up to three meters to knock out insects and spiders and make them fall into the water. Archer fish does for instnace help control the populations of mosquitoes and flies.

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King demoiselle turns out to be three species, not one

A recent study has unveiled that the King demoiselle (Chrysiptera rex) is actually three different species that recently diverged from each other.

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If you’re into interior design, you have probably encountered the online tools that allow you to try different types of interior designs online without breaking a sweat. With a simple drag and click you can move around heavy sofas, rearrange book shelves and try out 54 different types of rug.

But did you know that there is a very similar tool has been created for all the aquarium aficionados out there: the AquaSketcher.

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