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Fish news
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Sea Life London Aquarium weans gourami off Kit Kats

When a 4 kilogram pet gourami named Gary was moved to the Sea Life London Aquarium, he went on a hunger strike and refused to eat the fruit given to him. Eventually, the aquarium staff found out why he was shunning the natural diet of a gourami – Gary had been raised on Kit Kats only.

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Gold Nugget pleco and Mango pleco finally described by science

Two pleco species from the Xingu River drainage that are popular within the aquarium hobby have finally been scientifically described and given scientific names.

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Aquarium calamity – are you prepared?
Photo Dr P Andreas Svensson

Many pet owners purchase pet insurance for their dogs, cats, horses etcetera but have you ever thought about the insurance needs of your aquarium? While few insurance companies would let you take out a life insurance policy on a guppy or be willing to pay for gold fish surgery, there are other types of insurance that any aquarium owner should consider.

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Fish third most popular pet in Australia
Dogs are the most popular pets

A recent online survey in which over a thousand Australians participated show that dogs are the most popular pet, followed by cats and fish. The survey, commissioned by Coles Supermarkets and conducted by Evolve Research, also showed that two in five buy their pets from shops that offer pets for sale, and that only 10 percent of Australia’s pets have been adopted from shelters.

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G20 Summit Recruits Top Notch Security…. Goldfish???

That’s right.. The new team which has been charged with looking out for the safety and wellbeing of the representatives of the G20 summit are six goldfish.

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Ugly Females Will Do, If No Other Alternatives Available
Photo Dr P Andreas Svensson

Scientists out at the Monasah University have stumbled onto an amazing discovery. It appears that male Australian desert goby fish are smart when it comes to getting in the sack. They tend to adapt their ways of thinking when females are scarce.

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Extinction Looms Near For Rainbowfish as Lake Dries Up!
Melanotaenia parva

A rather magnificent specimen of rainbowfish, prized and coveted for aquarium owners around the globe, is staring into the abyss, and could possibly face extinction since their home is drying up, and alien fish seem to be moving in.

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Melanotaenia fasinensis – New Rainbow Fish Named From West Papua
Melanotaenia fasinensis

Researchers have just discovered and described a new rainbow fish which hails from West Papua, Indonesia.

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Save Water, Or Risk Killing Goldie

This is certainly an interesting way to get people interested in conserving our planets’ water supply.

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Male Fish Won’t “Ask For Directions”

Recent research has come to the astonishing conclusion that fish, specifically the males, positively refuse to ask for directions when they are breeding.

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Worlds largest lionfish

Spike, a magnificent specimen from the deeps of the ocean, is a whopping 18 inch long lionfish which is believed to be a world record breaker.

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At long last, a vaccine offers hope of preventing Ich
Fish with Ich Credit: Dehai Xu, Ph.D

According to new research presented by Dehai Xu, Ph.D. at the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS)*, a vaccine against the feared ich disease might be available in the foreseeable future.

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Brand New Clownfish From Pacific Described

Douglas Fenner, Joshua Drew, and Gerald Allen, described this new clownfish as Amphiprion pacificus in their report which was recently published in Aqua, the International Journal of Ichthyology.

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A New Species of Hemigrammus Tetra Has Been Described:

A brand spanking new species of Hemigrammus tetra has been categorized, analyzed and described by a group of ichthyologists from Brazil. The new species makes its home in the Tocantins River drainage out in the central area of Brazil.

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A New Species of Pike Cichlid is Unveiled
Crenicichla hu

Icthyologists from Argentina in conjunction with scientists from the Czech Republic have finally unveiled a new species of pike cichlid which makes its home in the Parana River drainage of Argentina.

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