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Fish news
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Coral Conservation: Barking up the Wrong Tree?
Great star coral (Montastraea cavernosa)

Scientists and conservationists might be barking up the wrong tree when it comes to finding corals which are suited to surviving the global climate crisis. This is according to a recent research paper which was published in the journal Science.

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Site Update

We have updated the crocodillian section of the site and it is now possible to find info about most crocodillians in it.

American Alligator
American Crocodile
Black Caiman
Broad Snouted Caiman

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We are back

After a long period of internet problems we are finally back online and news posting should return to normal from now on. Thanks for being patient during the last two months.

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Site Update – Birds

This update might come as a surprise for, I added a bird section. Many fish keepers keep other animals as well and I want them to be able to find information on other animals as well here on AC. Our bird section is still small but will grow over the coming months.

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Site news

The following new articles have been posted on the site.

Fish articles:
False Harlequin Rasbora, Lambchop Rasbora, Trigonostigma espei
Fire Rasbora – Rasboroides vaterifloris

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New articles

Just a small update to inform you all about new articles new available here on AC

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Interview with Marc van Roosmalen

Today we have the pleasure of bringing you a unique interview with Marc van Roosmalen which illustrates his situation and problems as he sees them. For those of you who aren’t familiar with who Marc van Roosmalen is, what he has done, and his present situation, I recommend reading this short introduction before reading the interview.

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New source for saltwater information

I have updated AC with a brand new saltwater section as a step on the way towards become the most complete aquarium websites on the web. There is still a lot of marine fish Ac don´t have information about and I will add more as I can. For now you have to be satisfied reading these new articles: Anglerfish Anthias […]

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