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Fish third most popular pet in Australia
Dogs are the most popular pets

A recent online survey in which over a thousand Australians participated show that dogs are the most popular pet, followed by cats and fish. The survey, commissioned by Coles Supermarkets and conducted by Evolve Research, also showed that two in five buy their pets from shops that offer pets for sale, and that only 10 percent of Australia’s pets have been adopted from shelters.

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International consortium formed to study fertilizing oceans with iron

An international consortium has been formed to study the potential effects of adding iron to the ocean to promote the growth of phytoplankton.

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18 baby dolphins found dead in the Gulf of Mexico
Dolphins. Picture from

On February 21, three baby dolphins were found dead on the shores of Horn Island, and on February 22 the finding of a fourth carcass was confirmed by The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies (IMMS).

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Another case of animal cruelty against goldfish at a Chinese Gala

Yet another Chinese event is by many considered to be tainted with animal cruelty, and just as with the olympics, the unlucky animals are goldfish. at the opening gala of China’s lunar new year festival earlier this month they shower goldfish swimming in perfect military formations.

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African Wolf – New wolf Species discovered
African Wolf

This is not really fish related but cool enough to warrant a post here anyway. Scientists have discovered a new species of Wolf in Egypt.

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Scientists find huge smelly blob in Florida waters

Scientists researching the Gulf of Mexico have found an underwater mass of dead biological material that appears to be growing as microscopic algae and bacteria get trapped and die.

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Scientists use sedation to free young entangled Right Whale
Right Whales

Scientists from NOAA and its state and nonprofit partners have applied at-sea chemical sedation to successfully free a young North Atlantic Right Whale off the coast of Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA.

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Fish taxidermy & Catch and Release

An example of how new technologies and methods can increase the acceptance of environmental policies such as catch and release.

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¨Lice-eating wrasse reduces environmental impact of salmon farming in Norway

When salmon is farmed in large-scale monocultures, the fish tend to become susceptible to disease and parasites.

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Fluorescent color of coral larvae predicts their future

A young staghorn coral that fluoresce redder is less likely to settle and develop into coral polyps than young staghorn corals that fluoresce greener. This surprising discovery was made by assistant professor of biology Mikhail “Misha” Matz and his colleagues* at the Austin branch of the University of Texas.

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New species of giant U.S. crayfish described
Giant Crayfish

A species of giant crayfish native to Tennessee in the United States has been scientifically described and given the name Barbicambarus simmonis.

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Top Ten Fish Stories of 2010

A turbulent, bizarre and downright strange year for fish, our list of the Top Ten Fish Stories of 2010 will have you scratching your head, wiping away tears and laughing all in one sitting.

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Stop The Massacre of Sharks, Ecologists from Sharm and Divers Implore

The government, no doubt panicking over the effects of recent shark attacks on tourism, is destroying the delicate ecological balance in the coastal regions of South Sinai, as well as hurting tourism, Sharm experts and divers have charged.

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Sharks On Coast Hunted For Soup
Tiger shark

Hunters taking advantage of a Japanese delicacy are thought to be the reason that shark stocks have drastically declined off the Gold Coast beaches.

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“Extinct” Salmon Species Discovered in Lake Saiko

A researcher has commented that this past Wednesday his team has discovered that a local freshwater salmon species classified as extinct by the government about seven decades ago, still lives on in Lake Saiko.

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