frognet 300x186 Fisherman Robbed of His Catch... By a Frog?

Picture by Mr Krugersky

In a strange turn of events, a fisherman was left speechless after an enterprising frog hopped into his net, and proceeded to swallow his hard earned fish whole.

It appears the clever little creature had been biding his time, waiting for the fisherman to catch something before jumping in there and stealing away the prize.

The amateur fisherman, Valery Krugersky, was minding his own business and trying to relax in a lake just on the outskirts of the town of Chernigov, Ukraine.

Valery ingeniously makes use of an old curtain as a net, and was completely flabbergasted to see the frog hop out of the water and take what was rightfully his.

The frog, which was just a tad over six inches long, swallowed the catch whole, and then sat with a smug look upon his face, having had its fill.

All the hapless Mr. Krugersky could do was pull out his camera, and photograph the peculiar sight.

An engineer by trade, Mr. Krugersky had this to say: “I have seen a big pike jump in the net and eat the fish before but never a frog.”

There were a multitude of frogs milling about the lake, making boatloads of noise, however this frog made his way away from the crowd to jump into the make-shift net and eat the catch in mere seconds.

“I left the net in the lake and the frog just sat inside it for a long time making some noise.”

This just goes to show… Never leave your net unattended for even a second, you never know who might just be eying your prize.