Renowned wildlife photographer Mattias Klum, member of the Board of Trustees of WWF and fellow of The Linnean Society of London, has shared his top five green tips with Swedish newspaper Expressen. According to Klum, the birth of his two sons has made him even more environmentally conscious than before. “-I want my children to be able to experience living coral reefs, drink water from mountain streams, and be able to take their fishing rod with them to fish and then eat their catch.

1.) Shop locally produced, ecological food, preferably of a fair trade variety. Decrease your meat consumption down to once a week or so.

2.) Take a close look at your shopping habits. Be careful with what you shop. Make fewer but more carefully selected purchases and choose high quality items.

3.) Walk and bike more; this will benefit the environment as well as your personal health. The next time you need to buy a car, choose one that is environmentally friendly.

4.) Examine how your home is heated and choose the most environmentally friendly alternative.

5.) Take action. Join WWF, your local conservation society, or some other alternative that suits you.

Do you agree with Mattias Klum? What are your top five green tips? Please share your thoughts in the comment field.

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