bolivia Cold is Killing Millions of Fish in Bolivia


If you think you don’t like the cold, think of the fish! Somewhere in the neighborhood of six million fish have perished in three different rivers of Bolivia due to intense cold. This cold snap has been passing through the country for the last couple of weeks.

The situation is so dire in fact, that the authorities in the eastern Bolivian province of Santa Cruz have issued an alert. This alert came after fish had died in Grande, Pirai, and Ichilo rivers that run through the tropical region.

This is a real “environmental calamity” which was caused by the absolute lowest temperatures seen in Santa Cruz over the past 50 years, Governor Ruben Costas informed journalists.

Costas went on to say that experts in the field have discovered that the rivers are incredibly polluted by the carcasses of dead fish, and he has warned the locals not to use those waters.

This cold snap, which has had the Southern Cone of South America in it’s death grip for the past month, has caused a substantial decrease in the temperatures in both southern and eastern Bolivia. So drastic a change, that the temperature even dropped below 0 degrees Celsius.

The weather department of Bolivia has predicted that the eastern and southern parts of the country will continue to be out in the cold for the rest of the week.