cuffs 300x141 Japanese Company Caught in $2.4 Million Fishing Bust!


A Japanese company was caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They were caught in one of the biggest fisheries bust in New Zealand, illegally reeling in 600 tonnes of fish.

The Fisheries ministry has said that Kanai Fisheries Company, Aurora Fisheries, a New Zealand fishing company, and four Japanese Citizens have pleaded guilt to a combine 54 charges in the Wellington district court.

Each charge means a hefty fine of up to $250,000, bringing the possible total to a staggering $1,350,000 in damages, not including other penalties.

Andrew Coleman, the Fisheries Ministry’s field operations deputy chief executive, has commented that the operation lasted almost two years, involved 25 staff, and was the biggest operation in the history of the organization.

He went on to comment that the Japanese company bought out part of Aurora Fisheries quota which in turned allowed them to fish in New Zealand waters.

Tomi Maru 87, the company’s fishing boat, then proceeded to catch 112 tonnes of silver warehou and 481 tonnes of ling in a short two year period. The problem is that the area where the fish were reeled in was off the southern coast of the South Island, and outside of Aurora’s quota area.

However the company reported that the fish were caught well inside these boundaries. The export value of the ill gotten fish was estimated to be in the vicinity of $2.4 Million.

It should be noted that even though a guilty plea has been entered, does not mean any convictions will be made… Only time will tell.