Dalian Prefecture2 Surprise, Surprise.. China Oil Spill “Worse than Thought”

oil spill

It comes as no surprise that the oil spill, which was labelled, “minor” has now been elevated to “worse than thought”. These oil companies like to think they have things under control, but nine times out of ten, they don’t.

Some reports on the incident are suggesting that the prevailing winds have started to blow the oil from the spill back towards the shore.

China is frantically ramping up their efforts to clean up a severe oil spill of the north east coast.

There are now murmurings and increasing fears that some rather strong winds might be blowing the oil farther than what was originally expected.

Greenpeace, a large environmental group, has said that the oil was as much as 20cm thick in some areas of the coast dangerously near the city of Dalian.

Shipments of oil from the north to the industrial belt in the south have been put on immediate hold, while they try to work this mess out.

At least one worker has died during this clean up process, they were thrown from their vessel by a wave and then drowned in the oil…

The oil spill was caused by two pipelines exploding on Friday night, and caused quite a ruckus.

Officials have stated that 430 square kilometers of the ocean in the vicinity is now polluted, however help is on the way. Oil eating bacteria and oil skimming boats are being sent to the area, and should be there soon.

Greenpeace has said that this might just be the worst oil spill in China’s history.