Koi carp worth almost £40,000 (=80 000USD) was stolen from a garden center in Stapleford UK. The thieves cut their way into the facility through metal fences and stole the expensive Koi carps. The thieves are believed to have know carps and the facility well as they only stole the most valuable carps living the rest. All in all they stole 30 carps. They also caused 20 000 USD damage to the garden center.

The thieves drained the holding tank on much of its water to make it easier to catch the carps. The police says it was a professional well organized heist that would have taken a lot of time to complete. They also ask for help form the public and that anyone who knows anything about this to contact them.

The owner has given the police pictures of the fish so that they can be identified and the owner is sure that the fish can be identified if found.

If you live in the UK and see expensive Koi fish for sale in the classifieds it might be worth contacting the police to see if it is these carps however seeing as it seems to have been a professional job the likely allready had a new home in mind for the fish.