I’m sure you have all heard about the amazing abilities of Paul the Octopus. He had the uncanny ability to accurately predict the outcome of the outcomes of the games of the world cup.. Well, now he can hang up his tentacles and sit back in his tank in Oberhausen, however, a village in Spain is vying to give him a new home.

This begs the question… How did he do it? It all started when someone, possibly as a joke, decided to place a single mussel in two different tanks with the different flags representing the teams, and supposedly he would select the mussel from the winning teams’ tank. This process worked rather well in 2008, where Paul only made one blunder, Germany didn’t win. However, this time around for the World Cup he had a 100% success rate!

No one can quite figure out why Paul has this uncanny ability, but there are many theories as to why he picked what he picked. Some say it could be based on a favorite color, and others say it might be based on smell. However he did it, he managed to be spot on with all his “predictions” for the world cup, warming the hearts, and sometimes the wallets, of fans around the world!

You would think Spain would be more appreciative of this amazing creature, considering he predicted their team would win.. However a small village has offered 30,000 Euro, to scoop up Paul, and not for his uncanny ability to predict the outcomes of games. They want to feature him in their Octopus food dish festival! How’s that for gratitude? Luckily for Paul, the citizens of Oberhausen will have none of that, and he’ll remain safely in his tank for the remainder of his retirement.