ORA Spotted Mandarin 420x297 300x212 ORA Finally Releases Spotted MandarinsORA has finally announced the initial release of it’s first batch of 100% cultivated Spotted Mandarins (Synchiropus picturatus). Their biologists have been working around the clock in developing the methods to raise this remarkable fish.

Even though the Spotted Mandarin is often considered one of the most popular and coveted fish to have in their aquariums, the mandarins which are caught in the wild are very difficult to feed and most often perish in aquariums.

ORA has effectively eliminated the issue of feeding by training the Spotted Mandarins bred in captivity to eat a myriad of commercially available foods. Now even the rookie aquarium keeper can more conveniently find an affordable, and available, food source for their ORA dragonettes.

However, it should be noted that caring for an ORA Mandarin is not as simple as tossing in a cube of frozen food, and then following up with a sprinkling of food pellets every now and then. These fish are between 1.25” and 1.5” in length, and as such they are still growing and will have gargantuan appetites. This means that you will be feeding your new ORA Mandarin very frequently, at least two times and sometimes more per day. Some of the frozen foods which the ORA Mandarin will readily accept in its diet include: baby brine shrimp, prawn eggs, Hikari Blood Worms and fish roe. They are also used to eating New Life SPECTRUM Small Fish Formula Pellets, just in case some of the other aforementioned ingredients happen to make your stomach squirm.