Working together WWF and Greenpeace have obtained evidence that the tune fleet working in the central Mediterranean is using airplanes to find tune. This practice is internationally banned in the Mediterranean as it allows the oversized fishing fleet to catch to much tuna and make to big damage to the tuna population. Read more about this here

Blue fin tuna fetches a very high price on the international market and the species is becoming increasingly threatened by over fishing. Illegal fishing operations are common. Although attempts are being made to internationally limit the fishing and restrict the fishing quotas (or even ban fishing for a few years) little progress is made due to the economic value of this fish. Recently however a number of encouraging actions have been taken by individual nations and private interests. One such action is that one of the biggest sea food whole sellers in the UK that sell to a lot of top restaurants etc have stopped selling blue fin tune due to the unsustainable fishing for this species.