salmon Genetically Tweaked Salmon Set to Make Way to Our TablesA genetically manipulated salmon, which has been tweaked to grow twice as fast as normal, is set to become the first genetically modified animal which will be approved for us to eat.

Food regulators, such as the FDA in the United States, are still deliberating whether the product, known as AquaAdvantage salmon, is even safe for human consumption, and also safe for the environment. They have managed to sign off on 5 of the 7 criteria needed for the product to hit the shelves.

The salmon contains a special type of growth hormone which would allow it to grow to a sifficient size in only 18 months, rather than 3 years, which is standard for this kind of fish.

AquaBounty, the Massachusetts company which came out with the fish, is insisting that it is safe, both for human consumption, as well as for the environment. They are hoping to be able to get approval for the product to go on sale within a few short months.

Ronald Stotish, the chief executive of the company, has said that it’s not that the fish will come out bigger than normal, it will just grow to full size within half the time. If approved, AquaBounty would sell fish eggs to fish farms.