Billy the fish, beloved Fulchester United mascot since 2005, has passed away.

Billy was rescued at Carlisle United’s Brunton park, in a goalmouth of all places, after the flooding which occurred there in 2005.

This lucky little mascot has been privy to the club’s rise from the Conference to League One over the past 5 years. He was discovered swimming around, quite out of place, in the goalmouth over in the Warwick Road End during the January 2005 cleanup after the flooding.

Billy was long considered the goalkeeper for Fulchester United – akin to Roy of the Rovers.

In January of 2005, the massive pumps were just about to kick in to start clearing water off the field, when someone with a keen eye spotted Billy and rescued him. He was then plunked into a tank, and a media campaign was launched to find his master.

Whilst awaiting the owner of this fish to come forward, United came ahead 3-1 over Redditch United, effectively ending a slump they had been in.

Billy’s owner, revealed to be Ashleigh Turk, a four year old Brunton Crescent resident, decided that since Billy had brought such luck, and had made himself a home, that he should stay put.

Andy Hall, media officer for Carlisle United had this to say.. ““It’s fair to say that the good luck tag has been an appropriate one for Billy. From the comfort of a fish tank in the reception at Brunton Park, he has overseen United’s return to the Football League, the League Two title triumph, trips to the Millennium Stadium and the new Wembley Stadium and even a club record run of 14 consecutive home victories in the 2007/2008 season.”

With the passing of Billy, they are now in the market for a new mascot… Also to be a fish.