Another stingray has died at the Calgary Zoo, and it could take the zoo up to two months to receive the toxicology reports back from the lab to determine what the true cause was. Gill irritation and lack of eating were the first signs that the rays were in trouble. Now a total of 35 stingrays are dead. The remaining rays will be placed back into the main exhibit and the zoo is not commenting on weather they will be replenishing the original population of rays.

Toxins in the water may have come unintentionally by people in the petting tanks, and this is why some keepers believe this is an improper way to house these animals. Rob Laidlaw, executive director of ZooCheck Canada, was quoted by Cnews stating “”We don’t believe animals should be taken from the wild so people can play with them.” Ultimately questioning the educational value of such ray petting exhibits. As for the remaining eight. They will be released into the main exhibit for observation by zoo patrons, because it is simply the best environment for them, and they are safe from accidental contamination.


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