aquasketcher AquaSketcher

If you’re into interior design, you have probably encountered the online tools that allow you to try different types of interior designs online without breaking a sweat. With a simple drag and click you can move around heavy sofas, rearrange book shelves and try out 54 different types of rug.

But did you know that there is a very similar tool has been created for all the aquarium aficionados out there: the AquaSketcher. You start out by picking out an item, e.g. a plant, piece of wood or nice rock from a list, and then proceed to choose its colour, dimensions etc. Last but not least, you start placing your objects in the aquarium to see how well they go together. You can naturally go back and change things, gradually building towards the perfect setup.

Naturally, a tool like this has its limitations. Just as the tools developed for interior design it will only give you a hint about the final results, and it will naturally be impossible to find a plant, root or rock that looks exactly as in the picture. Also, you have to keep in mind that factors such as light play no small part in how we perceive a room or an aquarium. In an aquarium, water movements will also be of importance. Perhaps a later version of the AquaSketcher will allow you turn on your imaginary filter system to see the plants move with the current?

If you want to give the AquaSketcher a try you can find it here: