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Chihuahua survives 24 hours inside sunken riverboat

Fancy, a four-year-old Chihuahua, survived for more than 24 hours under water after being left inside a capsized riverboat. She was onboard a houseboat that sunk in the river near Toledo, USA after hitting a stump.

As the 44 foot houseboat went under, none of the four passengers remembered to take the Chihuahua with them to dry land. When she was missed, they thought it was too late to save her and didn’t return to the wreck until 24 hours.

But Fancy wasn’t dead, she was stuck in an air-pocket with her body – but not her head – submerged under water.

Over to my right side I heard her little feet go too,too, too, too. I was almost like a whale going offthe side of the boat,” said Rebel Barrett, the owner of the dog. I just got in the water and I grabbed her and I was crying, and screaming, and hugging her and kissing her and shewas happy to see her mama.”

The owner of the houseboat, who happened to be a scuba diver, went down and rescued Fancy from the air wreck.

I just turned my head slightly, and I looked in and I saw her sitting there with her head on her paws, just shaking and quivering,” said the astounded boat owner. The air pocket was maybe two or three inches, just a little bitty pocket, but she was sittin up there in it. It’s a miracle.”

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