platy Newcastles Fight Against Platy

picture by: Philipp Rassel

Newcastle may be faced with a new threat to its natural species of fish, the platy. Typically a beginner fish, do to their sturdiness, the platys originate from Central America. Recently however, scientists in Australia have found this livebearer infesting their waters. It is especially concerning because their numbers grow quickly, being live-bearers. Platys also eat frogs and fry from fish spawning, leaving native species fighting against a growing tyrant.

Six platy were found in a drain connected to a main water supply in Newcastle; leaving scientist with the concern that they fish have found their way to the dam. If this is the case, it may be too late to control the situation. So how did they get there? Experts believe it is from, what they are now calling, “Finding Nemo Syndrome.” In the movie Finding Nemo by Disney and Pixar Studios, “all drains lead to the ocean.” The movie has led many inexperienced fish owners with the assumption that flushing unwanted fish is a proper way to dispose of them humanely. Thus, people introduce a new, non-native species into the waterways, which can cause major ecosystem troubles for the natives.

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