seahorse Anchor free zone established to evaluate anchoring impact on British seahorses A 100 metre by 100 metre* anchor-free zone will be established in Studland Bay in Dorset bay to protect the largest seahorse breeding colony in the United Kingdom. To prevent boaters from accidently anchoring within the zone, it will be marked out by six large buoys fitted with flags on top.

“There might be the odd individual who out of spite or grievance will chose to go on there but it will be well marked so if anyone does it will be intentional”, says Natural England maritime advisor Richard Caldow.

The area will be patrolled by wardens and a map of boating activity will be constructed based on their observations during the busy summer season. Marine experts will then compare data from the anchor-free zone to a control zone where boats can anchor.

“I’m not interested in the names of boats”, Caldow says. “I want to know how many there are and where they are going, particularly the level of boating in the voluntary no anchor zone which will hopefully be none.”

* 109 x 109 yards