bluefin tuna Swim with bluefin Tuna

On South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, residents of the fisher town Port Lincoln have found a new way of turning fish into a profit, The Age reports. Tourists are now welcomed to tour the marina and swim with the Bluefin tuna in a pen. According to Matt Waller, a former skipper on a tuna fleet, the interest in tuna fish has spiked thanks to the two documentaries Tuna Cowboys and Tuna Wranglers. The success of Tony Santic and Dean Lukin has also been important for the new found tuna curiosity among tourists.

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Tony Šantić was born in Croatia in 1952 and moved to Australia with his family when he was 6 years old. Šantić is now a well-known owner of successful thoroughbred race horses, but he started out as an orange roughie fisher with a leaky boat off the coast of Tasmania. He then became a tuna fisher and a tuna farmer in Port Lincoln.

Dinko “Dean” Lukin is a tuna fisherman who became a famous a weightlifter in the 1980s, and then returned to the family fishing business in Port Lincoln. He is Australia’s only winner of an Olympic gold medal for weightlifting and he carried the Australian flag during the closing ceremony of the 1984 Olympic Games.