410600 amphiprioninae The Smithsonian Institution Meets the Ocean

September 27, 2008 is the projected date for the Smithsonian Institution to open its new “Ocean Hall.” The hall will be an astounding 23,000 square feet of displays, facts, history, exploration, and countless other exhibits to help bring man and the oceans together. Ocean Hall will cover an immense array of oceanic topics using an auditorium, high tech video feeds, and fossils; but perhaps the most exciting, for any fish enthusiasts, will be the wonderful live displays.

Ocean Hall will be housing a 1,500 gallon coral reef tank; the coral tank will hold a vast number of fish, corals, and other inhabitants that make the coral reefs so amazing. Perhaps, the most impressive live exhibit will be the 1,800 gallon tank that the Smithsonian will be using to accommodate a 24 foot long female giant squid.

Multiple changing galleries will be set within Ocean Hall, the galleries exhibits changing themes every 18 months; the first of many shows being titled “Going to Sea.” Which covers many important issues in mans relationship with the oceans. This will be the largest remodeling that the Smithsonian has undergone since it opened its doors in 1910; and perhaps one of the most important; raising awareness amongst people about how important the oceans truly are to us.

To read the full article on Ocean Hall and to gather a complete list of all that Ocean Hall will bring to the Smithsonian Institution visit usa today at: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/science/2008-04-25-ocean-hall-smithsonian_N.htm