sanc0124 Shark Attack of San Diego Coast Leaves One Dead

CBS News website has reported that a 66 year old man was attacked early this morning by a Great White Shark. The man was training with a group of triathletes in the oceans off Tide Beach in San Diego, CA. The witnesses of the attack stated they heard their friend scream “Shark” as he was drug under water. The victims identity has not been released; two friends helped carry him back to shore, where he was pronounced dead at the life guards station. The bite had run across both of his thighs. It was a single injury, which leads authorities to assume that the attack was a case of mistaken identity.

Authorities were quick to clear the beaches and ocean of people as a precaution, leaving 17 miles of Southern California beach empty. Helicopters flew over head attempting to locate the shark, but found nothing. One member of the Triathlon Club of San Diego says that he saw a rare visitor on the beach prior to the attack, sea lions, which he has never seen on the beach before. Authorities are now assuming the shark had moved so close inland; the attack took place 150 yards offshore, in pursuit of its prey.

This is the first lethal shark attack to occur in San Diego County since an Ocean Beach attack in 1994.

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