Bowheadwhales 300x195 Minister Raises Alarm Over Armed Whaling Ships

Bowhead whales - No connection to the incident.

Foreign Minister McCully has raised the alarm to anti-whaling protesters that ships of Japanese origin will be armed to the teeth, and cautions activists to keep an eye out.

The government is cautioning anti-whaling protesters that Japan is taking extreme measures to help stop any actions which may be taken against them this year, after last years’ clashes.

Last year, Pete Bethune, the new Zealand skipper of the Ady Grill – which happened to be destroyed by ramming into the Shonan Maru –, made his way on board the ship hailing from Japan to try and help perform a citizen’s arrest of its captain. His citizens arrest failed, and he was dragged away to Japan to face trial.

The Greens want the government to do everything in its power to help protect anti-whaling protesters while they are gallivanting on the seas this summer, which includes having offshore patrols out in the Southern Ocean, however Foreign Minister Murray McCully has said that isn’t an option. He is cautioning protesters that Japanese whaling ships will have armed personnel on board, and it’s up to the protesters to watch their own backs.

“We’ve got information to suggest that the intent of the protesters is to take a fairly robust approach. It’s a recipe that causes me considerable concern which is why I keep reminding people of the need for them to observe the law of the sea in regard to the safety of human beings.”